Unannounced optioned Scout titles

Here is something near coming out of a press release. These are the titles that have been optioned for TV or Movies from Scout comics. Several that to my knowledge haven’t been announced yet.

Several of Scout’s titles are currently in development for film, TV and streaming, including SOLAR FLARE, HENCHGIRL, MURDER HOBO, THE MALL, LONG LIVE PRO WRESTLING, SMOKETOWN, LOOT, ONCE OUR LAND, LONG LOST and UNIKORN. With a rapidly growing library, Scout’s slate includes projects at Amazon Studios and Freeform/Disney, and the company is developing additional multimedia projects with Assemble Media, Armory Films, Digital Riot, Jonathan Kadin, and Mosaic, among others

Of those, Murder Hobo and Long Live Pro Wrestling have never been announced (at least through a press release).

A point of note, the Comic Tom #0 came out a long time after the original came out. This was not part of the original print run.