Anyone notice undercutters hitting eBay hard lately? Possibly due to new flippers entering the market and not truly understanding how supply & demand works? If you’ve got one copy to flip, I get it. But lately I’m seeing hot books on NCBD being listed at rock bottom prices AND showing high quantities available. That isn’t how you cultivate FOMO, which is what us comic flippers thrive on.

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Probably people just trying to dump stuff fast. What always gets me are the people who grab the latest hot books, get them nice and pressed to fast track the 9.8 and as soon as it gets back after a while the book has already tanked in value lol

Maybe folk need last-minute funds and are selling cheap?


Prices are usually soft for the next 8-10 weeks.

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It’s possible they may have chased a ratio.

It happens in every industry. If you can still make profit, you cut out the others so you can move your inventory and move on to the next… It’s about the sale and moving the inventory. If you got a stack of them and you keep raising the prices or waiting longer, you likely get stuck with a bunch of books you can’t sell and that’s when they likely fall back to more realistic prices and you lost even more potential profit in the process of holding instead of moving more quickly…

The 1:10 and 1:25 ratios could be big, as a result they could sell for a good amount, lets say they order 3,000 copies of the regular, giving them 300 1:10 and 120 of the 1:25 they pay $6822. They sell all 300 1:10 at $10, that gets them back $3k and the 1:25 at $25 netting them $3k back (and that is if they sell them at ratio and not 2x ratio. So there they sell 822 of the regulars at $1 and break even. That is if the books sell at ratio and not at an increased price. They could fully sell all 3,000 regulars at $1 and still walk away with $2100 profit. (not including main hours to ship and such)