Underpriced comics on E-bay


Apparently a number of stores do not realize the comic is (NET) which means the $4.99 price is what they actually have to pay plus shipping to get the comics delivered from Lunar. A number of listings have them going for what will be less than the sellers actual cost once shipping and E-Bay fee’s are factored in most likely by mistake.

I’ve never heard of this.

Why would a distributor do this?

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It said (NET) in the solicitation but it’s a listing type that’s done so infrequently that it’s easy not to notice like with those (Team Variants). Basically, they’re books that the cost displayed is what the store gets charged and they also don’t count towards your order totals that are figured to qualify you for future discounts. I’ve gotten surprised a couple times by missing the (NET) part myself and gotten an invoice for a non returnable comic I paid more than I expected to for.

In this case there’s a couple things added to make it a little different gamble than normal.

1st is they listed it as likely to get allocated so some stores including myself ordered more than we actually really wanted just to make sure we didn’t get shorted from the allocation process not having enough. It appears they shipped the entire amount ordered with zero allocations though, so we have more than desired/ expected coming.

The second note is what does the inside cover look like once the “body bag” plastic is removed? There really wasn’t a breath taking, WOW cover solicited other than maybe the 50 qty/ratio so there’s a chance there may be gold hidden inside that black plastic. The books may not arrive for 4 to 6 more days so the question is still lingering until someone can open one.

Hopefully the demand exceeds expectations and maybe a lot of stores shied away from it since it was (NET) and they noticed while some of the one’s that didn’t notice have already presold out a bunch of their copies for less than they probably should have.

The original series was by far our bestselling series ever. I doubt this series will be that good but we can always hope for another week and the Chusters who act now can still grab some under priced copies before they’re all gone or marked up more once the stores start noticing the invoice amounts they got charged next week.

So, how is the comic underpriced ? Cover price is 4.99.

There is no demand for this book. It will always be a cover price or less book

The cover is just going to be a bloody version of the 1:25 variant

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(NET) comics do not have cover prices. Here’s an example from the (NET) Team variant from Poison Ivy #1

(W) G. Willow Wilson (A) Marcio Takara (CA) Dan Mora

Pamela Isley has been a lot of things in her life. A living god, a super-villain, an activist, a scientist, and dead. In a new body that she didn’t ask for and with a renewed sense of purpose, Ivy leaves Gotham and sets out to complete her greatest work—a gift to the world that will heal the damage dealt to it…by ending humanity. Spinning out of the pages of Batman, DC is proud to present the unbelievable next chapter in Poison Ivy’s life by the incredible creative team of G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara. Featuring a stunning cast of variant cover artists, including Warren Louw, Frank Cho, Dan Mora, Nick Robles…and introducing main cover artist Jessica Fong!

Retail:Please Inquire
Initial Due Date:4/21/2022
FOC Date:5/15/2022
In-Store Date:6/7/2022
Product Code:0422DC035

If you look closely at the image for the “Body Bag” issue it also is not supposed to have a cover price printed on it either since it’s a (NET) comic.

Normal people aren’t buying comics to sell for less than what they paid for it. Normal markup is about double so that makes it about a $9.99 comic if priced the same way you price other comics based on what you paid for them.

If that really is the image inside the black plastic “Body Bag” then I would find that disappointing and if there’s a price inside the plastic out of sight, it’s not what retail customers will be seeing and at best comparable to ratio variants that usually have regular cover prices on them even though they are selling for much more in most cases.

Lunar has mistakenly placed a “retail price” on their public website but it’s obviously a mistake and I’ve already e-mailed them to have it removed since it’s incorrect and if NOT then they can’t expect the book to be sold for less than it cost us to purchase which means they would need to remove the (NET) part and issue refunds for the normal discounts we weren’t given. Hopefully that will be taken care of when they get back to work tomorrow since they don’t check e-mail on weekends.

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If I had my choice, I’d prefer to have my normal discount refunded since that comes out to a nice refund amount off the $499.00 charged by Lunar for the comic. My expectation though is Lunar will just update their public website to “please inquire” or something similar like they normally use for (NET) books so retailers can select their own price most likely.

I’m not expecting something that makes the books jump like a nice 1st appearance or such, but it should be the best-selling DC title for the duration of its run here since the last 3 were. It’s not like it would take much to accomplish that goal either with no DC titles really burning it up. I do expect to see the retail for the “Body Bad” edition end up somewhere close to the $10 mark. I sold another set of DCeased yesterday. Close to 600 comics from the original series sold already plus some trades.

On Mon, Aug 1, 2022 at 10:26 AM Customer Service <service@lunardistribution.com> wrote:
The price has been removed.

As expected, they corrected the mistake on their website.
The cost for the comic is $4.99 plus shipping to get it delivered. To make a single comic sale on E-Bay for the issue there’s more expenses including but not limited to board and bag to ship it in, base transaction fee for the sale, around 30 cent, E-Bay/PayPal fee’s which can range 15 to 17%, business license fee’s next year based on this year’s sales totals, etc… Best I can determine anyone charging less than $5.50 to $6 is selling for less than cost since the amount they receive will not equal what it cost them to buy.

Hopefully this has helped a few members get a great price and maybe a few stores that read along avoid underpricing it. Good deed for the year checked off the list now.