Universe X #6 Source for new Moon Knight costume?

I just stumbled across this image; looks like a potential source for the new costume in the Moon Knight D+ series. I poked around, and the only copies I see are embedded in sets, so this might be untapped as of yet. At least it was to me! Now I just need to hit up some shops to see if they even carry anything like that.


Nice call out. Definitely looks like it was inspired by this.

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First appearance of this version of Moon Knight is Universe X #0


Thanks for the update! This is the first cover, yes?

23 days later…


Great Ross art (as usual), but havent seen a price bump. Possible it may appreciate as people catch on ?

It has been slow…but was able to find a few in LCS. Still keep meaning to read it, as I have just paged through #0 and 6 so far

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