Unknown Christmas 9-Pack

Just got this email (and you probably did too, but since they send like 10 emails a day…) and figured I’d alert people in case anyone was interested in some of the exclusives. It looks like one could flip enough to more than pay for it, with some work.

Don’t so many people here constantly have issues with Unknown? Maybe worth checking

Anthony definitely does, but I’m not sure everyone does.

Seems kinda tempting Im not big on exclusives but I’ve really wanted that x-23 dell otto and the virgin seems like a good choice since the regular copy is out of my budget.

Nobody wanted them when they were released. Why would they want them now?..at zero to little markdown. Really? $110 for their stock that they couldn’t sell. Great deal, unknown :roll_eyes::wink::man_shrugging:


You can order, but as we’ve seen, it is Unknown when (or if) you’ll receive your books.


Literally, none of their exclusives heat up.

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Still haven’t gotten my order from November.

Your order being Frozen seems on brand.

(I’ll see myself out)


He shouldn’t, “Let it go,” though. He deserves his offer.

This one is “Into the Unknown” from F2. :wink:

Should I be a sucker and try ordering again?

No… I’ll never hear the end of it in our private messages… :wink:

you can do it