Unknown comics question

Got a book from Unknown, there was a crease on the cover. Wasn’t during shipping.
Sent them pics and pictures of the Invoice like they asked.

They said they would send me a replacement, but not until I tore the book apart and sent them pictures of the torn up book. This is a $4 new release.

This seems like a crazy request. I’ve been buying comics online for years, never been asked to tear a book apart. I’m not sure I even have it in me to tear it apart.

Has anyone else ever got this before from them?

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They feel u could have manipulated the photo possibly. if it’s no good rip it up or press it

It’s a color breaking crease. There isn’t pressing it. And as I said, it’s a $4 new release. I’m not spending $25 to have someone press it.

It’s a $4 book, in a larger order, and I have several hundreds in preorders with them right now. I don’t think they think I’m manipulating photos to get them on $4. And even if I was the book cost them $2, they will spend more in shipping on the replacement.

I’ve bought from every major retailer in the country. I’ve never been asked to tear apart a book.

I’m not sure I have it in me to tear apart a comic.

I don’t trust them honestly. Which book is it? Just a common book, or one that could possibly have value over $4? I don’t think you should have to tear the book up. That sounds fishy as hell

I’d have to tear it up, hope they mail me another copy (note the book is no longer for sale on their site), hope that additional copy is in better shape, not damaged in the mail, or lost in the mail. As I need to tear it up before they send another.

Being someone who has collected for years, I just don’t know if I feel right tearing something up. It just feels weird to destroy a comic.

I don’t think the books title is relevant so that’s why I left it out. But to answer your question, it is not $4 anymore. But that really shouldn’t be a factor. It’s a new release that they just shipped me and I contacted them right after I received it.

I know lots of people order from them, I’m sure someone has had to try to do a return with them. Was wondering if they had to tear the book up as well. This is a first for me.

So the book isn’t available on the site anymore. So I would tell them they have to send me pictures of the replacement book with my name, date, and time for proof they even have it. Cause they will try to just give you a measly $4 credit instead.

They pulled the same crap with me when they were doing online pulls. I paid for my pulls, and months went by. I never received them. Finally after hounding them constantly I got my pulls. And there was about 12 books missing, and they couldn’t replace them. But they were checked off on my invoice, so what really happened to them? Check em off then take them out of my file for customers in their shop? I’m telling you, they are shady as hell

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I had problems with Unknown the only time I dealt with them. They lied to me on the phone twice about when they shipped my order, which was somewhat time sensitive.

Tell them that you don’t feel right tearing up a perfectly good reader copy. If they fight you, do a charge back to your credit card of the entire order and say it was damaged (it technically is) and the seller refused to replace it without first fulfilling unagreed upon, ridiculous conditions. If they want you to rip up a damaged book that they sent, those stipulations need to presented clearly in the return policy that they should have on their site. Pfft, asking customers to destroy literature because they sent a damaged book. It’s unprofessional and laughable.


All very fair points @jcLu

One thing of note is I have multiple outstanding preorders with them, all of which they already charged me. I’d prefer to avoid the nuclear option if possible. They are a good resource of later printings with no limit so I tend to use them for those as TFAW (my normal) has been limiting some of the later printings to 1 per even pre FOC.

I just was struck very odd when they told me to tear it up before they’d send a replacement. And since it’s not in stock on their site, I fear tearing it up then getting a $4 refund and not a replacement. I’ve had midtown ask to mail books back, but never tear a book apart.

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All good, my friend. I have zero patience for crusty, egomaniacal online shops. I got screwed around fairly consistently by these shops, in my opinion, when I was first getting back into comics, to the point where I almost exclusively shop at my LCS’ now and I just avoid the online experience. I have over 1500 positive feedback, at 100%, for my eBay acct. and I expect all online shops to treat my orders in the same manner that I treat the orders for my customers, which I found out was about 1% of the time, it seems. The weekly complaints that I see every week in places like CHU justifies my thoughts on n these bigger online comic stores.


I just got DM 2 from TFAW and the comic was bent in the middle with creases all through the middle. Terrible shipment. Nothing on it saying do not bend. Will be calling tomorrow to complain and ask for a replacement.

Shoot them an email with a pic of the book. They will send you a free replacement if they have it in stock or refund you if they don’t. Very easy to work with.

Thanks. Will do.

I’ve never had issues with TFAW taking care of damaged books for me. But I do admit, I really hate when they use the single rigid mailers with no extra cardboard slipped in. It’s not them damaging but either DHL or USPS and I’d suspect it’s probably DHL more than likely over USPS after it’s handed off, as they’re horrible.

I just find it odd sometimes I get those rigid mailers in the mail and they’re flawless… then other times it look like the Hulk went to town on them.

Exactly describe my situation. The single, rigid mailer was a bad idea with one comic since it was bent all over. DM #2 variant I got is out of stock and I want a new copy! Calling them as soon as they open (Pacific time).

Yeah, the funny thing is I’ve had these show up in immaculate condition. My only guess is, either the handler caused it by tossing, etc or it they get caught/stuck on some conveyor belt when sorting, like sticking the package between the spokes of a bicycle wheel and let it keep beating the crap out of it.

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When I report any damages to Diamond, they credit my account and ship a replacement if in stock … when the next order comes in, there is a credit invoice enclosed that says “Destroy” any book that is listed on the credit invoice …

It’s been that way for years … of course, the Retailer is on the honor system to do it …

I don’t see the OP’s issue as being an issue at all …

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Fair point @Uncle_Willie. But they are asking you to destroy the book after they already send you a replacement. And trusting you to do it. If the replacement is worse then the original I assume you give the customer the better book and destroy the worse copy. That’s what my LCS does at least. Let’s me pick between the two and destroys the one I don’t choose.

Unknown is refusing to send a replacement until the book is destroyed. The book is not in stock on their site. I have no way of knowing that I will get another copy and not just have them refund me. I’ve got to trust their honor, when they don’t trust mine. Additionally the replacement copy could be worse then the one I have, could get damaged in the mail, etc…and all I’ve got is a pile of shredded paper.

I guess I’d feel a little differently if they said ok, here’s the tracking on a new copy coming to you. When you get the replacement please destroy the old copy and send me a pic.
I’ve got multiple off pending orders with them, (that I’ve paid for). Not like I could ghost them.

Idk, maybe I’m off base. It really just rubbed me the wrong way. And hearing the responses above that they don’t always do what they say, gives me more pause to trust someone who doesn’t trust me.

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Retail companies deal with fraud and people who try to take advantage quite often. I think you’re taking this personally. I highly doubt they’re questioning you in particular, rather this a likely response when they’re getting requests for refunds or exchanges beyond normal.

If it were me, I would rip the book, send the picture and move on.

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I’ve only ever had one person ask me to destroy a book and provide proof before being refunded. It was a private seller on eBay that I believe I ranted about on the EBay headaches thread.

I’ve never dealt with Unknown Comics that I recall so that about all I can say. I’d just keep the book and count it as a strike against them. Especially if you’re a good customer who’s spending hundreds monthly with them.

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I would just go back and clarify with support that you want to make sure they’re shipping the same book if you destroy the one you have. If they say yes I would personally feel comfortable doing so.