Unknown Peach Momoko Demon Days Blood Feud Variant

Peach Momoko just posted a variant of Demon Days Blood Feud on Twitter. The cover features X-23. Even she doesn’t know where it came from. So, does anyone here know if this was some store exclusive or maybe a new Wal-Mart variant? League of Comic Geeks doesn’t even have it listed.

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Ok. Someone on facebook responded to me and gave me a photo of the back cover. Looks like it’s a comicspro variant. So, I guess you needed to be a retailer and invited to their shindig to get one.If anyone has any other info about that scene, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for posting, I saw her post this on her instagram. I tried to find one for resale but no luck. Looks like a few sold on ebay for around $100 this past week, just missed them. Hopefully more pop up.