UPC sticker over printed UPC?

Hi all, I have a copy of Robin 121 and it has a Direct Sales sticker with the UPC bar code that’s placed over the UPC bar code on the comic cover.

Has anyone ever seen this before? Do you think it affects the grade of the comic since it was applied by the printer?

Here’s a pic of the comic in question.



How do you know the sticker was applied at the printer?

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Is it a newsstand underneath?

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An educated guess. The only other place it could’ve been applied is at the distributor.

That’s what I was thinking, but I can’t clearly see through the label.

I’m thinking it was put there by a 3rd party distributor. Pure speculation, but that’s my guess. :man_shrugging:

Reminds me of the knights of the old republic earlier books. I think many have stickers over the upc. Didn’t they come from the distributor?

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I think the only logical conclusion would be that it is from a distributor. There would be no reason for any other industry to put a ‘direct’ upc sticker over a printed newsstand upc. :man_shrugging:

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Nah… I got it from Diamond when I owned my shop. This is my last copy of this issue.

Like the subscription folds from when we would buy comics from publishers in the good old days?

I was wondering the same…does the guy have a subscription through DC?

I used to get comics in the 80s in the Mail…ah, the good old days. Do they still offer subscriptions?

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I know Marvel does and the comics are fulfilled by Midtown. So they likely show up in their normal mailers.

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That information would have been greatly beneficial in the OP, jus’ sayin’. Lol

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