Upcoming flip potential?

yeah. its in their terms and policys. it goes on to say you cant have direct contact with the artist or discuss deals that you made for the cover

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I never claimed anything.

Sorry, seemed like you were claiming more than 600 copies between CGC and CBCS. And I was providing my own statistical analysis and research to counter that claims with reasonable explanations as opposed to extrapolations which may have errors (such as the 10 CBCS copies on eBay I can’t seem to find…maybe we’re using different searches…I searched Amazing Spider-Man 797 Mayhewn CBCS, for example).

I’m fairly familiar with the terms, as I have previously helped do some marketing for a store doing Marvel variants and have personally read the correspondence, and such, between said store and Marvel during the process of getting the store books printed up.

LMAO, if you read the terms then why would you ask them to provide proof KNOWING that they can not produce it via the terms and conditions? Thats just kinda a dick move IMHO.

I’ve followed it for a while. I can’t speak for all vendors and all “promises” of units sold or destroyed. Honestly 20 years from now we’ll probably read about a ComicMint wearhouse find where 397 copies of this book were discovered in mint condition…but today I can honestly say I believe the data presented supports only 600 copies being circulated to the general public more than it refutes it…for this book, anyway.

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No worries.

I went on eBay once and scrolled through the US and International listings for Amazing Spider-Man 797 Mayhew, I believe. I did a quick count, including sold listings for CBCS. I do not think there would be an excessive amount of the same CBCS slabs being bought and relisted within a short period of time (a few months). Perhaps different servers for different platforms? I’m Canadian eBay, you’re US eBay.

I did not say I read the terms. Read again, bub.
Critically this time. Please. LMFAO

that was your response to me. I picked out the words that make this seem like you know what you are talking about so that you can win your argument.

So what am I missing?

WAIT ! I know ! You implied that you read the terms in the correspondence for the store that you helped! This way people will think you know what you are talking about so that you can prove D-Rog wrong!

Crisis averted !

Move along people, nothing to see here now.

You sign a non-disclosure with Marvel where you cannot release the actual print run number. People have tried to get stores locked down for releasing print run numbers.

Mike. Get over yourself. You are not as smart as you think you are. If you think that ‘fairly familiar’ and ‘have read’ are synonymous, then we can’t talk. DRog and I were having a lovely discussion before your bull came into our China shop. You’re so emotional in your responses. Nobody, especially me, is out to get you or your speculation. If you have facts and can discuss them in a civil manner, then let’s go. Until that time I will be ignoring your dramatic, unjustified hot takes. I literally could not even read past the first sentence of that drivel. :v:

Well if that aint the pot calling the kettle black!

I have no stake in this game. I just think its funny that you have to win whatever argument it is that your currently in, even when your wrong. But when your called out you back track and make excuses.

I think it’s funny that you think that. I don’t look at discussions as ‘transactional’. What does ‘winning’ a discussion even mean, Mike? I don’t think we are reading the same conversation in this thread. You’ve taken something from this conversion between Drog and I that doesn’t exist, except in your head. Why are your responses so emotional if you don’t have a ‘stake’ in said conversation? (There you go again with these transactional descriptions of conversations, so weird) You’ve got exclamation points and everything. You injected yourself, raised the crass factor up to 11, and spewed off about ‘winning’ and losing. What exactly are you projecting here, Mike? (Fyi, those are all rhetorical questions) I hope you win tonight, Mike, against who ever you are talking too. :v:. DRog, if you want to continue, please PM me. :beers:

Take a break guys… You all letting it get too personal.

Isnt the point of an open forum to inject oneself into a conversation? Much like how this thread was hijacked?

You stated something with the intention of it being a fact, I corrected it by stating what the true fact was and things seem to have escalated from there.

As for my use of different punctuation: thats how i write. I like using different punctuations.

Let it go…

Dont tell me what my intentions are. Just because you refuse to read critically, don’t blame your ignorance on me. DRog was able to present his opinion in a civil manner, so was I. If you’re going to participate, all we ask is that you show the same respect.

By all means. Feel free. Just don’t be an asshat when you do it. You injected yourself like a complete asshat.

You and I veiw the world through very different lenses, Mike. Let’s leave it at that.

I’m a pretty laid back person and I dislike having to put the Moderator Hat on but here it is again.

When I say “Let it go”… that means not another peep! Continuing the bickering will just result in nothing good for anyone.

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Closing this topic, request from OP.

Nah, I’m good. Was just busting your balls a little for fun. No mal intent, not what I’m about. I know you need to bring facts to the table to debate with you, so I thought I had some good points to counter yours.

I do want to know more about Marvels policy on store variants and minimum print runs. But I’ll do what I can to talk to the horses mouth.

I’ve delt with comic mint in several occasions and always found them to be 100% accountable and transparent as they feel they should be and have the utmost integrity in this business. I trust them.

I can’t speak for sad lemon, as I try not to order books overseas, but never heard anything negative. They also have a lot loose If they don’t follow through with their word…so I’d like to go in thinking they have only good intentions. So I will believe what they say until they’ve proven me wrong or evidence presented is compellingly not in their favor…like what backlash CGC is facing in recent weeks…:wink:

(As for Comicexposure…don’t get me started!).

Thanks for the back and forth. :beers:

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