Upshot Now Magazine and Previews

I’m curious what people’s thoughts are on the Upshot Now Magazine books as first appearances.

Issue 0 was a promotional book given out at NYCC, and a few other cons (I got them at RICC) to promote the upcoming label. They’ve since sold later issues. Some preview upcoming series, some reprint books already out, a lot include full issues of books.

Typically, Previews don’t count as first appearances. Even in instances where Previews prints several pages of an issue, they aren’t called first app. While the Miles one spiked, I don’t think any is discrediting UF4 as first app.

Although the Teen Titans preview in DC Comics Presents 26 is considered a first app, that’s seen more as an individual story (it’s not reprinted in Teen Titans 1) then a preview.

Upshot Now 0 previews entire full first issues of Resistance, Archangel 8, and Red Border. It also features preview pages of Hotell, Year Zero, Devil’s Highway, and others.

Upshot Now 0 predates all of those series issue 1.

So is Upshot Now 0 the first apps of all of those characters? (And making Resistance 1 in essence a reprint as it was already printed in full in Upshot Now 0)? It does state “preview” on the cover but prints them in full.

It’s an interesting debate.

I usually only care for a preview if it’s a book that cost money. The freebies and newsletters and industry books really aren’t my thing.

I count FCBD as comics with first appearances

They were sort of giving them out, you had to stand in line and spin a wheel to win something, I think the Upshot #0 was the default or most won prize. If you didnt want to stand in line you had to pay for it… Which it has a price on the cover.

Good to know, thanks Poyo.

At Rhode Island Comic Con, a few weeks later, they were just standing in the aisle yelling who wants free comics and handing them out to anyone who walked by.

And yes the book has a $10 cover price but they weren’t charging.

Later issues, Upshot Now Magazine 1, 2, Etc…all have been sold through shops at a $5 cover price. Orderable through Diamond.

I agree as well. Although those are traditional comics that happen to be given away, they do cost the shops.

These Upshot Now are a little different in that they are not traditional comics, but unlike traditional preview magazines, they print issues in full.

There is a NYCC which you already mentioned and a Baltimore comic con one as well. I think there may be a ton of con variants.

Is the Baltimore one marked? I know the NYCC one says NYCC on the cover. Mine from RI is not marked for the con, it says Fall 2019 in the top left. This may further add to the debate if NYCC has the different notation on the cover (and released first).

@Anthony thoughts on the original post and first apps Vs no in Upshot 0?

It is. can get you a picture of it tomorrow

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I always like first appearance. So #0 is first in preview, #2 is first full I would imagine, and #1 is the one everyone is buying because it is in it’s own title and in color.

Anyway, I have sold out of my areas Year Zero #1’s and have moved most of the Upshot Now #2’s stores couldn’t sell and I have been picking up. Even ordered some more.

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And to further what you said I assume you’d considered Resistance, Archangel, etc…as first full in 0 as full issues?

If the full book is in the preview than it’s not a preview it’s basically a FCBD

They still cost money with cover price (despite them giving them away for free at convention)…

Here’s the cover of 0 to give a better idea. It states previews in a few places, but it does print the first issue of the top 3 books in full (but in B&W not color like their regular comics). The bottom books it only includes part of the first issue of each book.

There is a $10 cover price on it, but they were given away at 3+ cons. Issues 1, 2, Etc have a $5 cover and were distributed through Diamond for cost.

I have one somewhere… I think I was gonna send to @Gbess as well… unless I already did and forgot I had done so.

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