US versus Canadian Version

Hi I was wondering if anyone might have an opinion or thought on whether Canadian copies of comics might be a good long-term investment? It seems with the increase in interest with print runs (Newsstand vs Direct) that there may be less printed of Canadian copies?

I personally love CPVs (Canadian Price Variants) for investment purposes. A CPV typically commands more $ when compared to it’s US counterpart, newsstand or direct. And yes, the print run will be lower. Canada’s market is about 85% smaller than the US market (36 million in Canada, 320 Million in the US), so, I think it safe to assume that the distribution percentages would somewhat closely mimic the market numbers.


I’ve always been intrigued by Canadian price variants, but haven’t dabbled in them yet.


I’ve been buying Canadian price variants here and there when I find them for a good price. I think they are just going to grow in popularity. I think there are so many new collectors out there compared to decades ago that variants such as UPC, Canadian, Mark Jewelers will continue to rise in popularity. The more “rare” a comic no matter if it is a reprint or price variant collectors with more money to burn will want it over the easier to get US direct version.

Funny thing is when I first started collecting comics, Canadian variants were usually discounted when they showed up locally, direct was more desirable than newsstand and no one cared about Mark Jeweler inserts at a premium. Shortly after I started collecting 30 and 35 cent price variants just started to get noticed.

I still don’t see much love for UK/Pence variants. For silver age those are abut the only variants out there. I’m sure demand for them will grow as time goes on.

For me, I have been buying more MJ insert variants than Canadian price variants but that may change.

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I believe CPVs were only for a short period of time, 1982-1986 I believe. They generally command more…maybe 25-50% up to NM, but once you hot the 9.6/9.8 grades they can command more than 200% of a direct edition…sometimes 400%.

Take Transformers #1 for example. A comic that hovers around $1000 in 9.8 direct lately ($2000 newsstand).

By contrast us newsstands during that time frame may command about 50% more in the highest grades compared to direct copies. But that is trending upwards.


The trend in desire for newsstands in highest grades can only propel the desire for CPVs in the highest grades.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #1 (1989 Archie Publications) $1.25 CPV.

Another more popular one is Thor 337.

You can see there really isn’t a price difference between direct and newsstand, but CPV 9.8 tops the us variants.

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Very cool information thank you guys!