Usagi Yojimbo Christmas Ornaments

Limited to 100 and can be signed or unsigned by Stan. $20 unsigned $30 signed.

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Dang, and here I was hoping for some suntan lotion, 1:100

Signed is now out of stock.

I got 2 of the signed ones. These forums are a killer on the wallet

I’m too late. bummer.

Got notification that mine were delivered. Will have to get them in the morning

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Got mine in the mail today! It’s a lot more substantial than I expected. I was afraid it would be some thin little piece of wood i’d have to be careful not to break each eyar, but it’s got some heft to it!

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Yea the picture made it look kinda small

Sold both of mine within 24 hours. Just about to ship them out now.


Dont’ tell my wife they’re worth money! I got mine up on our tree! :laughing:

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I just sent her an invite to the forums so she can keep tabs on you… muahahahaha!

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