USPS-cutting hours, longer delivery times?

Just saw this and well, let’s hope it isn’t longer to get our comics :slight_smile:


I think regardless of party affiliation everyone agrees DeJoy sucks as Postmaster general.


So mercari just raised Usps shipping 20% and now I’m getting worse service on top of a huge shipping price increase.

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I thought it looked higher suddenly. Glad I print my own shipping when I sell on Mercari. You should too, Alana!

If something happens and you use your own labels they will always side with the buyer and you don’t get that $200 free insurance from mercari if you don’t use and pay for their labels.

Meh, I always insure anything worth enough myself. I hear you though.

Use the mercari labels. If anything weird happens Mercari will just pay you and refund the buyer.

I also never use media mail. It had comeback to bite me more than I care to admit.


Louis DeJoy needs to go.I don’t care if you’re a Republican , Democrat or whatever party you identify as.This man is one of the worst postmasters in U.S. history.


Alright, I’ll listen to you and @Alana then!

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I’m fairly certain DeJoy has vested interests in private logistics groups.
He’s running the USPS into the ground to help raise his shares in these private logistics holdings.
A complete conflict of interest, where the average American will suffer the most. Capitalism at its heart.


I’ve never used it for comics either. I’ve already seen what the USPS can do to priority mail, much less something that is on the slow train. I only mail regular books or LP’s media mail. Usually ones in large boxes :slight_smile:


How can they charge so much to ship, be so overwhelmed with mail, and be losing this much money?

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Because they passed laws in the 90s that keep the post office from showing profit and make them pay their pensions like 70 years in advance into its fund.


90s? More like 2005ish… USPS was rolling in cash until Congress messed them up real good.

I sent a customer an item a few days ago. He lives literally 2 hrs south of me (I’m in North Georgia). I tracked the item and it went all the way to mid-Florida, made a u-turn and came back to mid-Georgia. Insanity.



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I switched all my shipping to priority only. No more first class mail as it’s been taking forever. Well choosing priority and paying more isn’t making a difference. My priority packages shouldn’t be taking a full week to be delivered. Utter nonsense.