USPS First Class Mail

I have multiple packages that I have shipped out USPS first class mail and also expecting packages that were shipped first class that have not moved in 10 days. I was just wondering if anyone else was having this problem?

Where u located? Here in NY city and outer boroughs there are some hubs that are understaffed and short machines are down. So packages will get scanned not sorted and sit. Others scanned sorted and just sit. Most my sales and purchases on Mercari from 2 states away took 2 weeks. Others from Texas came in 4 days. All depends on the hub it goes too/through. hope that helps

All my packages out of Texas seem to be moving along fine. I ship Media Mail most of the time and I’m having packages arrive in 4-5 days on avg.

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I’m in FL. Looks like most of the delays on sent packages are headed to California. Looks like 2 of the packages I am waiting on got stuck in Pittsburgh for 10 days but have been updated today that they will be delivered tomorrow.

I dropped a package off headed to Texas on August 13th and it hasn’t updated since August 14th since it said arrived at USPS regional origin facility in Jacksonville, FL. That must be where the hold up is since all my packages sent and received seem to go through that facility.

Yeah, for media mail, I think they got locations spread out that handle those as they’re usually shipped via trucks. There’s one in Texas that’s located in DFW area where I’ve seen at times my packages get scanned in there only to sit for a day or three…

I’ve also had packages just not get scanned until they’re out for delivery… USPS needs new scanner guns. Sometimes when you see packages go in the opposite direction, I ponder if the scanner gun has the wrong location configured… :wink:

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I hope you guys are aware that trChump installed one of his goons as the new postmaster general about 3 weeks ago. That goon, Dejoy, has been quickly dismantling the operations of the USPS. This is another attempt by the US demagogue, who is trying his best to subvert and destroy American democracy. Dejoy, the new postmaster general, is nothing but a large campaign contributor to trChump. He has no experience running a national courier service, and he is heavily invested in FedEx and other USPS rivals. A lot of packages are not going anywhere fast thanks to the demagogue who is trying to destroy America’s oldest institution. The USPS is older than the US Constitution, and is protected in said document. Not that trChump cares about the constitution in any regard. Congress is trying their best to slow down and stop the sweeping changes Dejoy is making to the USPS, 8 weeks before a national election. trChump cant do anything to mitigate the spread and death of the American citizens by covid, but he was pretty swift in his attempt to destroy the USPS to try and rig the election in his favour. So, there are good reasons why some parcels are not moving.


As we all know USPS has it issues (with a moron now in charge), let’s not turn this into a political hijack. Leave that to Reddit or wherever the kids debate such things.

Fair enough, Poyo. I was simply explaining why the USPS has been so lackluster over the last few weeks. The reasons are purely political, so it is tough to avoid politics if you are discussing the USPS, atm.


I’ve had a couple of packages that took 1-2 weeks to show up as being in the system. Definitely some delays in shipping, but I’ve had some others that move through with no issues at all. Sort of a crapshoot right now for shipping. I’ve been dropping off my last few packages directly at the PO. Even though I paid for shipping through eBay, I drop them off and specifically ask for them to be scanned in so they show up at least as received by the USPS. Then if it just sits, that’s on them and not me.

From the WTF Midtown thread

“ Post office is pretty messed up right now I noticed a deliberate change last week I do ship and receive 50-100 packages a week currently. All my priority was on time first class was running on time just about everywhere then some A hole is trying to pull funding from the USPS and colluding with the Post office general to make mail in ballots late and not counted throwing US elections, by defunding the post offices removing drop boxes and mail sorting machines. The whole Pandemic my post office had 5 people at the counter starting last week 1 person at the counter lines out the door everyday across the parking lot with the socially distanced line thank god I use prepaid labels and can drop it off and skip that line. Now my priority mail is running late up to 5 days my first class is running 3-14 days late and when I make new labels this week for sales all the labels say like 13 day away estimated delivery when I print them for first class it’s always been 3 days 5 days latest if it’s going back East. So this is why all our mail is Fd and since I’m sure everyone here spends a ton of money on USPS you should all be up in arms over it and vote accordingly in a couple months.”


Yup. They are actively removing as many post office boxes as possible. Piling them up in parking lots in order to make much more difficult to find one to use.

And here is a pic of perfectly working mail sorters that are also actively being disassembled and tossed in the garbage for no apparent reason other than to slow down mail delivery as much as possible.

This should outrage each and every single American citizen who believes in democracy and their constitution. M2c.


The post office was in trouble long before Trump. That’s never brought up, but whatever.

Post office makes a ton of money it’s purposely made to look it’s running at a loss

So, this should outrage Americans but when citizens are angry over tens of millions of people flooding into their country illegally siphoning billions from public and federal funding they are called racists? That’s nice.

But to get back on topic the mail system is screwed it started two weeks ago I know this by the amount of packages I ship and receive and the amount of emails from online retailers saying usps is screwed up I’ve received this week.

It is definitely screwed up and it did just start happening within the last 2 weeks. My first class packages were averaging 3-5 days max and now I’ve got packages just sitting in the same facility since August 14th. I guess I’ll have to start shipping everything Priority Mail.

What? You have no clue the financial drain illegal aliens put on cities and states. If a immigrant wants a better life they can go about it the legal way. Some will make it in, some won’t. That’s how it works. The US simply can not handle every person in the world that wants in. Just a fact of life.

You do not live in a state with a massive illegal population so you have no clue what you are talking about. In most communities where illegal aliens live crime is not reported but it is rampant. Since my wife was raised in one of those communities she can attest to that. Her father was murdered by an illegal alien…who was later murdered by another illegal alien. Gangs make sure anyone who reports their criminal activity disappear or never rat again after a good beating. Doesn’t sound like the US but that sure as hell is what is going on in some areas.

Education standards are down across the board in CA mainly because most public schools can not handle teaching in both languages. Many schools don’t have nearly enough room, equipment or financial resources to handle the sheer amount of children that keep coming, non stop.

Whatever, maybe the Hawaiian Islands should have section eight housing built for a few million illegal aliens from around the globe and your taxes can be quadrupled to pay for it all. That should work, right?

The simple fact if no country anywhere can handle millions of people, let alone tens of millions who break their laws to gain entrance. It has nothing to do with being mean or who is a racist and who isn’t. It just doesn’t work and the issues starting to rise are proof of that.

Y’know, it’s funny, when Obama deported more people here illegally than any other previous sitting president no one said a thing. Not a peep. However, now that a person that makes most on the left sad is in the White House trying to secure the borders and continue to enforce immigration laws it is a hot button issues. Talk about a double standard.

I told ya’ll, let’s keep the political debate on reddit or whatever other cesspool website people goto to debate such crud…


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No more or I close it…