Valiant in Trouble?

Excuse the source of a very tabloidy website, but after rumors of it being in trouble it seems Valiant may be going out of business as a publisher. This would be the second time, technically.

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This is a damn shame. Say what you want about Dinesh, but his passion for this brand was unwavering. He was forced out and it all went to shit from there.

well when you put out one title or 2 titles a month …not shocked
im more shocked how avatar, and ddp are still with diamond

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Valiant is in it’s 3rd undead resurrection. It won’t stay dead for long if it does go away.

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Isn’t the same thing going on right now with Oni Press? Seems like there’s a few of the smaller publishers doing massive layoffs…

“ Bleeding Cool has, as of yet, been unable to identify anyone at Valiant who has not been laid off or not resigned. ”

This sentence is the most baffling sentence in a baffling paragraph. They say that nobody has confirmed anything to them and they have seen two Facebook employment status changes. Then they go on to say they’ve been unable to find anybody who hasn’t been fired or resigned. How is no confirmation except 2 Facebook statuses a valid basis to assume and entire company has been laid off?

Because bleeding stool is a crap website (pun intended). Journalistic integregrity is not something I’d expect from them.

Yeah, they are a tabloid of comic-book news but sometimes they get it right. I’m not really surprised if Valiant is done for, still sad tho.

I haven’t seen any sign that there’s been an organized approach at Valiant since Dinesh left.

I sincerely hope this isn’t what it sounds like. I am a big Valiant fan. Their character pool has huge potential and I was really hoping to see more from them in the near future.

Not surprised. Black Mask will be next.

Small studios with little output is not sustainable .

there was a valiant book suppose to come out around covid time and still has not been release
i forget the name but had a couple of cool covers


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