Vampire State Building


I found out recently that it was released overseas on April 3 2019 in french. 56 pages 10x13.


I feel like I read this previously too. The version coming out in America is of course translated into English and a bit of a different format.


if i remember right it was a tpb or hardcover that was released in france, this is first comic. there is a 1:10 as well

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Im seeing foil covers but i cant tell if theyre store variants.


they are, the 1:10 is all black with glow in the dark hand, id stay away from store variants for it there are several. tfaw has all copies available except 1:10

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store variants? I know one person who wouldn’t approve. What do you always say, Poyo?

I would tag him but don’t know how.

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@davidbitterbaum if you hit the @ symbol and type in their name or sometimes it pops up if they were posting on the thread. Hopefully that helps. Hopefully thats right?



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And yes, if you throw the @ in front of their name… @Wheat @davidbitterbaum it notifies the person, via email if they have it so configured or pops a little icon on your avatar in the upper right side that you have a new notification. :slight_smile:


… and knowing is half the battle…G…I…JOOOOOOOOO

#12 :wink:

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Now I know! Thanks @agentpoyo!


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@jcLu :grin:

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Bingo, @rigger_one@davidbitterbaum is a smart man.

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I can’t recall the last time someone called me smart and wasn’t being sarcastic :wink:

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