Variant Heating Up: Ultimate Fallout #4 Euro Foil 2nd print

This contains more than Ultimate Fallout # 4 for Miles it also has his 2nd and 3rd appearance contained in the Euro style comic. Has the 1:25 cover for UF#4 with a unique to it foil Miles on it. Its a ghost all the copies online have dried up. Some going as far as calling it the rarest Miles book.

Dont even get a comment on this now look whats going on a few days later.

I have zero interest in a European collected title of American comic books. It’s nothing more than a collected reprint, imo. Not too many North American collectors care too much about anything European, especially reprinted TPBs. If I was to spend $12,000 on a book, it definitely would not be the Panini UFO collected TPB.
The highest sale I can find for that book is approx $100 shipped. I think the owner of the listing above is on some good crack.

There’s a whole lot of other comics I’d buy with $12,000 than that book and throw in a nice vacation as well.

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It’s not a TPB that’s how comics are in the EU

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The only panini that really moves at high dollar is the Turner Batman Superman #4

The real UFO4 1:25 just sold for over $2000 in a 9.4. :eyes: