Variant Picks of the Week for April 14th, 2021

Canto & The City of Giants #1 1:10 by Zucker is better than Martin Simmonds ratio variant in my opinion (which isn’t bad, I just like the 1:10 way better). Love this artwork.

It’s gonna be a ghost variant for Guardians of the Galaxy #13 by Momoko.

Non-Stop Spider-Man #2 (Okazaki Variant) is a great variant. Love Okazaki’s work. There’s a virgin variant as well that’s still up at TFAW.

Non-Stop Spider-Man #2 (Okazaki Variant)

Spider-Man Spiders Shadow #1 (of 4) (Ferry Variant). Love this cover.

Spider-Man Spiders Shadow #1 (of 4) (Ferry Variant)

Proctor Valley Road #2 gives us a pretty cool ratio variant by Dan Mora.

And once again, I must mention this homage cover of Pulp Fiction once again by Sabine Rich.

Maria Llovets Eros Psyche #2 (Cover D - Sabine Rich)

Maria Llovets Eros Psyche #2 (Cover D - Sabine Rich)


Hmmm. That’s an interesting one.

Eros/Psyche had a great first issue. Very eerie.

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