Variant Picks of the Week for February 24th, 2021

Is this Sana Takeda’s first cover take at Batman? I really enjoy her artwork on Monstress and just about everything else she’s done. Highly underrated artist and I’m really digging this Batman Black and White #3 by her.

This Khary Randolph variant for the same book is pretty slick as well. If you like Poison Ivy, it’s a likely must have.

If you’re a Silence of the Lambs fan, this next cover might be for you. I loved the movie and I’ve read the first issue as well of Stray Dogs #1. It’s a pretty twisted take on a horror story told from the point of view of the victim’s dogs the killer keeps.

A sweet looking Black History Month variant by Souza for King In Black Return of the Valkyries #3. Already sold out at Midtown, still available at TFAW. Out of them all, I like this one the best as they’re all great but this one just really stands out for me.

Mentioned in my picks of the week as well. This one, Marvels Voices Legacy One Shot Coipel Variant is worthy of a second mention in this variants category as well.

I love this next one. Totally has that old 50s/60s vibe, like Mars Attacks feel to it for Nuclear Family #1 by Tony Harris.

It’s not even great but it makes the list cause have you seen how much they’re going for already on the secondary market? Something is Killing the Children #15 Dialynas ratio variant is going for some mad dollars. Hope you locked in your cheap copy (TFAW had these for $20 I think)… might be shills but one sold went for $300. Midtown listed their copies for $180… CRAZY!

Marvel voices Coipel is available at Collector Cave MARVELS VOICES LEGACY #1 COIPEL VAR (2/24/21) – Collector Cave

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Back to my comment in the Future State thread…if you like the Next Batman and think the character will stick around for awhile, Id be picking up Batman Black and White #3


I read there is a new Robin in b&w 3. Not sure if that’s true.

Its Maps from the Gotham Academy series

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Nuclear Family #1 and Stray Dogs #1 look the most interesting to me.

Im picking up both of those.

new Robin in #4. cameo (1 panel preview) in #3. But thats a bonus.

The actual reason to buy the book…new sidekick for the new Batman.

(not my listing)

Well that Batman books is gonna be FOMO gold I think Key Collector “Key Of The Week”

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Oooohh… Can I gloat that I picked it first in my Variants picks days ago… can I, can I?


Ur the man

I only picked them for the cool covers though… I can actually care less of what happens on the inside of most DC books nowadays. :wink:

I bought it because its Batman :wink: but I for sure grabbed another copy in case someone catches FOMO.

What’s the print run on these…100,000. It’s a Batman book!


Seriously though, still available at midtown, no limits.