Variant Picks of the Week for July 28th, 2021

DC is the winner this week with the most variants that caught my eyes… and first up is what I think is the coolest and likely overall winner so far.

Shazam #1 Steve Lieber Variant. Already seeing prices around the $100 mark. Shazam is still not a character most stores go heavy on so this one is gonna be tough to find out in the wild I think.

Robin #4 Manapul is just a pretty cool cover. Nothing ground breaking but it definitely is an eye catcher for me.

I just love this cover. Maybe it’s all the cosmic looking colors and such but Icon & Rocket Season One #1 (of 6) (Cover B - Darryl Banks Old School Card Stock Variant) makes the cut for this week.

Jamal Campbell does fantastic work and it shows with Other History of the DC Universe #5 (of 5) (Cover B - Jamal Campbell Variant). Just a great looking cover.

Avengers Mech Strike #5 Takashi Okazaki is a really kick ass Okazaki cover. Love it.

Mark Brooks does great covers. Black Widow #9 is in that category I think.

Black Widow #9 (Brooks Captain America 80th Variant)

Star Trek Year Five #23 is a pretty cool retro travel guide cover from JJ Lendl. It doesn’t get any better than this. I like Star Trek but I’m not reading this title yet these covers lately have me wanting to buy these.

Amazing Fantasy #1 has two standout variant covers that made this cut. First up is the classic looking Captain America variant by Kaare Andrews:

And then the very awesome Alex Horley variant:

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man what you got against Shang-Chi!!! :rofl:

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I got nothing except covers that don’t stand out… :wink:


Fine fine fine, I’m all in on the Shang-Chi!

On all the variants or a particular one?

Shang chi #3 1:50

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I love Cho art, so I agree. This is a fire cover.

I like Cho myself but he doesn’t stand out as much as he use to. He’s kind of like Artgerm for me, you know what you’re gonna get, quality art but it’s rare nowadays you’ll get heat based on the artwork itself.

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