Variant Picks of the Week for July 7th, 2021

DC seems like the winner this week with the most variants that have caught my eye.

One thing Jock does well is Batman covers. Batman #110 gets the Jock treatment with it’s Variant B card stock cover.

The Conjuring The Lover #2 has one of those classic old VHS variants that brings back the old nostalgia of renting movies from the local video or Blockbuster store.

I’m a sucker for trees in artwork so Nice House on the Lake #2 has a variant that has won me over for coolness factor.

Swamp Thing #5 has a really rad Bolland Variant B card stock cover this week. Such great small details in the art. Love it.

Star Trek Year Five is winning me over with these pulp covers. Star Trek Year Five #22 brings on some more awesomeness.

I’m a huge Francavilla fan so Nocterra #5 Variant by him has got me drooling. There’s also a BW variant of this one that’s a ratio to keep on a lookout for but I’m digging the colored one.

Amazing Spider-Man #70 kicks off the prelude for Sinister War with a pretty cool ratio variant by Roge Antonio.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 has a ratio variant with Star (Ryan Ripley) and Spider-Man on the cover, sharing dinner together. Not sure why I like this cover but I do. If they start having Star show up more in Spider-Man tales that turns into more, could be a thing one day for those who collect first cover meetings or what not, whatever we end up calling this one.

Mamo #1 Variant by Trung Le Nguyen is one of those simple yet elegant covers that seem to draw me in and attract my attention. I believe this is a 1:10 so might not be too hard to come by. I like it more than the other ratios for this new title, particularly since one of them is just the main regular cover without the trade dress attached.


The Bolland Swamp Thing cover is awesome. The more I look at it the more detail emerges. It looks like those plant protrusions are caught in the process of growth. Brilliant piece of work!

Jock and Batman do go well together.

I’m hoping Star does make it big. Really liked the mini-series. She’s an interesting non-standard character with lots of potential. I hope Marvel continues to use her and give her bigger roles. I want to see her story unfold…