Variant Picks of the Week for June 9th, 2021

It’s a smaller week but I think a pretty good week for variants. I’ll kick off with a Batman cover.

Batman Urban Legends #4 Nguyen Variant. Dustin breaks from his traditional water color cover and art and gives us a pretty bad ass Batman cover I think.

I really dig Jamal Campbell’s art. I think he’s highly underrated. This one is pretty slick for Challenge of the Super Sons #3.

Love this Transformers Annual 2021 from Freddie Williams. It’s very 2000AD Dredd gritty looking style for sure…

I don’t know why but I love this 6 Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton #1 by Erica Henderson. My only gripe though is it needs more noise, the blue and pink backgrounds seem a little empty. If this is to mimic the cheesy tabloid magazines, it needs more noise.

Black Widow #6 2nd Printing Ratio is nothing groundbreaking but it’s the buy due to potential type of book I think. If you can snag for $30 or less, it’s semi-cheap gambling I think.

Loving this Greg Smallwood variant for Spider-Man’s Spider’s Shadow #3.

It’s hard to pass up a great looking Alex Ross sketch but this one is a 2nd print ratio for issue #1. So good luck finding one for cheap, most shops are gonna price this one accordingly. I love the actual pencil sketch variants though.

Bunny Mask #1 has a great looking and very simplistic variant of just the bunny ears and mask (cutout variant). Midtown and a few others already sold out. I’d say this one might be the winner if this book heats up any.

I pointed out and praised this one in my FOC highlights a few weeks back but you gotta love Dan Mora’s art and particularly for Eve #2. There’s a virgin variant as well. Be on the lookout as those could be decent flip profit. If you can’t find at cover though, stick with the cover with dressing.


Prime has got a 6-pack!!

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Yup, makes him even deadlier… and sexier!

Optimus Sexified

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Getting that Eve #2. Also getting one of these Eastman’s. Wish the dude would show his covers before FOC though.


I don’t read TMNT, but that is a super cool cover!

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It is… Eastman covers are so gritty looking. Even those colors cant take away from his lines.

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In my opinion, it’s an awful read. I still read it anyway, but I buy the Eastman covers I like.