Variant Picks of the Week for May 12th, 2021

Simplicity at it’s best. Black Hammer Visions #4 Patricia Martin Cover.

Future State Gotham #1 has a really cool Stokoe Variant B.

The Joker #3 has a cool Finch Variant. Yes, it’s nothing ground breaking but who doesn’t love a good Joker on Joker Playing Card Variant right?

Canto and the City of Giants #2 RI by Zucker is just awesome if you can for cheap or cover. Love this cartoon/animation type of artwork.

Ice Cream Man #24 brings us another really cool looking cover. This one is by Tiffany Turrill.

For you Stegman fans out there and if you can get for cheap, there’s the 1:25 2nd print ratio variant for Beta Ray Bill #1.

Conan the Barbarian #21 has a pretty cool ratio by Marco Mastrazzo. I’ve been digging these covers being pumped out for Conan.

Star Wars High Republic #5 is just an awesome cover by Chang. Love it and love Rancor’s. We need more Rancor’s in our Star Wars stories and I’m so happy to see them return in High Republic.

Seven Secrets #8 Vincenzo Riccardi variant is just well done. Love the colors and all the noise, which can take away from some art but it suits this cover nicely. If you can’t get the virgin variant for cheap, there’s a regular trade dress of this one as well for cover.


Department of Truth #1 5th printing has a secret variant too. Another Lee Harvey Oswald like the 1st printing had. My LCS said he thought it was a 1:3.

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dc festival of heroes 1:25 is going for a pretty penny

The Monkey Prince design variant?

yea, i think its like 3x ratio atm, although most places are asking 100

Yeah… meh. It’s definitely the quick flip I think.

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Do secret variants replace the standard book in a shipment at random? So, if you order 10 books you’ll get 10 books and some of them will be a secret variant?

Depends on the shops. Some shops will yank the secrets.

I mean the shipment to the shop.

Oh, just depends on how diamond packs them up. Usually they’re just throw in randomly with the regulars to my knowledge. How many you get is luck of the draw…

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