Variant Picks of the Week for May 19th, 2021

Stillwater #7. This is just a pretty cool cover. Almost something one would think Peach Momoko did before she got really busy and probably has to rush through her work to meet deadlines as this one has more details in the artwork. This one is by Soo Lee. I’m a fan if Soo Lee keeps pumping out covers like this one.

Speaking of Momoko, the winner book this week for her is Red Room #1. If you can find for cheap, this can be a great flip or buy to throw in your favorite Momoko long box for the personal collection.

One of my favorite all time cover artists, Francavilla does a pretty awesome Batman for Legends of the Dark Knight #1 Team Variant.

And while were on the subject of Francavilla who does some of the best pulp style artwork, this one should not go unnoticed for you Star Trek fans. This is for Star Trek Year 5 #20 by JJ Lendl. Only one listing on eBay and I doubt most shops are gonna even order enough copies for this one, despite it being a 1:10. It’s not the type of book that has a huge pull list at shops.

Many Deaths Of Laila Starr #2 has a pretty cool looking Dekal variant. There’s a virgin variant of this one as well. Don’t overspend on this one though.

Who I think is very underrated artist is Paola Rivera who does a really awesome ratio for Fantastic Four Life Story #1. His cover and art are always top notch if you ask me.

I also mentioned this one already in my picks but Marcos Martin does a pretty slick looking retro Aja type style for this same title.

I dropped this one from the read list myself (maybe one day I’ll revisit) but I do appreciate these cool looking ratio incentive covers they’re doing for issue #1 and issue #2 additional printings.

I wouldn’t overspend on these though. You can find the non B&W of these for cover price as well. Radiant Black #1 (3rd Ptg Cover A - Borges & Costa) and Radiant Black #2 (3rd Ptg Cover A - Borges & Costa).


Need to order that Francavilla Barman cover. Man that cover is a beauty…

It is prett sweet.

What is a “team variant” again? I recall Harley #1 had one as well.

I tried to grab the Star Trek Year 5 #20 a few weeks back but kept coming up as sold out on TFAW. Likely only had 1 or 2.

Theres a minimum order for them you need, I think like 100-250 of whatever the book is. Like harley quinn had one and I think wonder girl is getting one

Ascencia #5 Virgin Parillo not on the list! I’m devastated :sob:

That Dekal variant is soooo nice.

I thought that book doesn’t come out until 5/26?

It got pushed to this week from last week, but it could be pushed again. I wish they wouldn’t though :smiley:

Yeah, Midtown is showing it for 5/26 and their weekly lists are usually pretty accurate (at least when they’re getting their books).

Yeah minimum order of 250 to unlock the ability to order that cover.