Variants up on Midtown for August 5th

I couldn’t get it to work on my phone. I had to do it on my work laptop and even that I couldn’t see the darn view cart option. I thought for sure I’d be too late by then.

Now I figured out the work around.

Been online here all day and I make one trip to the vet with my dog… son of a…

I was on Midtown earlier today thanks to Tony’s suggestion on this or another thread…They had Miles Morales #6 second print for less than cover…I also checked and they had Something is Killing the Children #1 5th print or less than cover. Got three of each. If ordering from them you may want to check and see if they still have them. don’t forget to get a Spider-man 2020 FCBD before checkout. It is free and it is also the Midtown variant. Already worth a few bucks. Might as well.

That Boba Fett cover 2nd print is beautiful. I had ordered that on TFAW awhile back. Same with Skan Black Cat. I’ll stand pat at this point.

Now waiting for the Thor #5 3rd print lol.

Ice Cream Man B also long gone

Forgot about that one

I had that Miles in my cart for hours but by the time Legends finally went live, it was sold out.

Anyone see the Peach cover for DM #3? Looks decent.

It’s posted in the Peach thread. Hype died down quick on it once the Legends news came out.

Yep but I spent all my money

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I got to save money or sell books to get my books back from the graders now :joy:

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No kidding!

I grabbed one… :slight_smile:

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It took 9 minutes today. Was pissed. I thought it was a long 5 minutes. I tried to place a second order but was rejected about 20 times.

I just confirmed by looking at my orders…first was 2:11pm and the second order finally went through at 2:20.

I ordered that from I think unknown back prior to FOC. Sure enough it’s sold out most places and likely flying under the radar prior to FOC. Grabbed a second copy today. Love me a good Boba cover.

Other Midtown Grabs today:

Die #6 Momoko…my 3rsd from midtown, have yet to receive 1…how these are still in stock…?
Thor #4 2nd
Ice Cream Man #20 B
LotDKs cover A x2
LotDKs 1:25
Batman 96 1:25
FCBD 2020 Spidey/Venom

Fun and scary all at the same time what I’m spending on comics these days in hopes of quick flips!

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