Variants up on Midtown for August 5th

Now death metal legends

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Got mine! All gone now :frowning_face:

I got two and one already preordered for more than these two cost lol

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The 1:25 is gone. Regular cover still available with 3 per order limit.

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Got 3 of cover A.

3 limit. Can you do multiple orders and get away with it?

Why not…2 more just for fun.

Would have liked that 1:25 but I’m good.

After 5 minutes you can unless you have multiple accounts.

Hey check out the new bounty hunters 2nd print its limit one. Don’t forget about Black Cat #12 Skan cover. Thor #4 2nd print sold out before the death Metal legends variant did wow.

I had another variant in my cart from before I switched accounts to buy my second one it let me go back and buy it too so 3 variant and 3 regs from midtown and one variant purchased else where bringing my total to 4 variants 13 regular 1 9.8 cgc reg.

Grahamcrackers will post theirs today so I’ll let you all know as soon as they are live I’ll be sitting that one out

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Crap. I forgot about the bounty hunters. Gone now.

I had to do 2 orders (for the A) as I wasn’t wasting time once I had the 1:25 in my cart.

Anyone else have issues with trying to see the view cart button? It’s always off the screen on my phone and won’t let me scroll down so I’ve always got to get around that.

Yep real bad on my third order the other orders no problem

I got 6 issues of Legends A cover on 2 orders. I am good. Want a variant!!

I kept thinking it was going to pull the last variant out of my cart when I checked out after waiting five minutes and then fiddling with the cart button.

Thanks Alana. Will wait for your direction.

What’s great is outside of the people that watched that video or got the info on CHU I don’t see it posted elsewhere they all going to flip out in a couple days when they can’t find a regular copy.

We were waiting for the variant someone elsewhere was waiting for the Thor #4 2nd prints

Anywhere else for the Thor #4 2nd print?

I ordered mine for a $1 over cover + shipping on eBay got a 10 pack