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Vault CEO and publisher Damian Wassel says the investments will help Vault, which is privately held, expand its publishing efforts and build out a media pipeline for its IP.”


“We’re focusing on expanding our direct-to-consumer business, but not at the expense of our retail partners,” said Wassel.

What could that possibly mean… is he talking about more NFTs?

It would have to be something digital…no way they would want to start a whole distribution network if they already have that… I’m not sure how that doesn’t hurt retailers? We don’t order a lot of Vault books anyways…


I want a super edgy TV-MA adaptation of, “Money Shot,” ASAP!


The Utah Transit Authority is sponsoring comics? Is that why I have such a hard time getting them to pay up at my day job?

(I kid, I kid. Nothing I say in this comment is intended to imply insolvency of UTA or its inability to pay its creditors.)

For keeping our roads clean in Missouri we have MODOT. Neighboring Illinois has IDOT. Some people like to do graffiti on trucks so it looks less like IDOT and more like IDIOT. Tacky but kinda funny.

Better to have MODOT than MODOK.


Mental Organism Designed Only for Kondemnations

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Mental Organism Designed Only for Transportation ?