Venom #13

I’m going through some boxes to thin things out and found 6 copies. In this issue a synthetic symbiote is introduced. Is this what’s keeping Virus alive in his suit? Basically what I’m asking is, is there spec value for these or do I throw them in a bulk box to sell?

I thought the maker wears the synthetic suit and virus is wearing an ironman/Stark tech suit that’s keeping him alive. VIRUS I believe is not symbiote related at all.

I thought the suit had synthetic symbiote tech?

Idk I could have sworn in the dialogue when Dylan said the Maker was different and he felt the others in the new world never mention Virus. He just has Anti Symbiote weaponry which symbiote Captain America said was illegal

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You might be right… wouldn’t make sense for symbiote tech to use the anti symbiote weaponry. Well back to issue 13, isn’t that the issue where the new symbiote suit kinda took on a life of its own without a host? May need to re-read the issue…

I thought that was Dylan? I could be wrong