Venom (2018) Issue 2 - Knull Cameo?


As some of you I am working on building my Marvel “Cates-Verse” collection, and as such I am in need of the early issues of his Venom run. As I continue to look for deals on the issues that I am in need of, I cannot help but notice that there are some listings of the book that claim “Knull Cameo” in issue 2.

I have read this issue a couple of times and I CANNOT find any image of Knull what so ever in this issue. Am I totally missing something? Are they claiming that the Grendel = Knull?

I apologize if this has been covered on the forum before, but I did a search that didn’t yield much in the way of results.

I believe they are confusing Grendel with Knull.

The only panel that could possibly be a cameo is this one.

But I am 99.9% sure it’s the face of Grendel

Issue #3 is the cameo and #4 is the full of actual Knull #3 is the first full of Knull’s Avatar

This is EXACTLY what I am thinking, too.

That’s splitting hairs. If it looks like a Knull and sounds like a Knull, its a Knull.

Yes it is splitting hairs but it compares to Domino/CopyCat, Enchantress/Valkyrie.

Sounds like sellers loaded up on issue 2 and looking for ways to dump them on suckers.


We say that, but the general market doesn’t. If it looks like a Knull, I can try to convince people that it is a Knull, then it’s a Knull.