Venom 2099 #1

Hi all
Seen this tweet by Donny Cates. The new venom could be staying around for awhile. Could be worth a pick up of Venom 2099 #1

Seems like a cool character. Glad I picked up a Cover A. Definite 9.8 candidate, and those all black cvrs are difficult to get clean

Yup, I picked up a few Cover A as well. The Lim is nice and everyone went for that one but it’s the new gal on the regular cover as well and I think Crain’s art is much better than Lim’s. And yes, the black cover is a tough one in higher NM grade.

Maybe she ends up being Dylan’s mommy… :stuck_out_tongue:

From the future? Would that be like a John Conors thing where the son is older than the parent (Kyle Reese).

predestination paradox

Yes… maybe… time travel gets confusing…

This Venom 2099 is suppose to be the same Venom 2099 from the 2099 universe it’s just drawn all wrong. Venom 2099 is the half brother of Spiderman 2099 both from Earth 928. At the end of Venom 2099’s appearances on Earth 928 the symbiote was merged with the Namor 2099 and separated from Spidey 2099’s half brother. Venom 2099 has Carnage abilities to make maces, swords, and axes something he never had or will have in the 616 universe as that’s what differentiates Carnage from Venom. It even says Doom rules above all, corporations run the world, governments don’t, on the first page of the new Venom 2099 book. So this is not a new character it’s them shitting on the original design and story of Venom 2099 on Earth 928 the 2999 verse. When Doom 2099 ruled all we already had Venom 2099 in the 2099 universe so this book makes no sense with a redesigned Venom 2099 during the same exact time period.