Venom 25 2nd Print Wrap Cover Signed Spec

Hey boards, here is something for you. Recent sales of Venom 25 2nd print hitting the $30 price point, it may pay off to get a copy of Venom 25 2ND Print Wrap Cover Signed by Donny Cates. This is a Dynamic Forces release, so it could take time, and is supposed to be in stores October 28th price point is $34. If all things Knull continue to rise, and the Marvel reprint craze continues, this one could pay off.


I still haven’t gotten my signed copy of Batman Damned #1 that I ordered from them, and I ended up canceling my Flash #1 after maybe a year and a half.

Still waiting on this guy…

3 months and counting…

You’ll probably have great grandchildren by the time it arrives… :wink:

I might as well pre-order if because they don’t charge until it ships…which will likely never happen… yet it’s fun to watch these just sit there…that’s worth the price Of admission (which is nothing)!

I’ll pass on this. I’m also still waiting on Batman Who Laughs #1 signed by Snyder + 1. Who knows when I’ll get that.

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You’ll get it after Batman Who Laughs ongoing title comes out and reaches issue #300… :wink:


I’ve never bought from TFAW before, but I went ahead and ordered one. I don’t even care if it takes forever - it’s something I wouldn’t mind having in the PC.

I ordered one. Shoot. If things stay the way they are this could end up being a nice surprise later.

The credit card they have on file expires in 2024…likely I’ll need to update that before I’m charged for this…/

I snagged one as well.

Happy 50th Birthday!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Interesting transition in the FCBD Spider-man and Venom.

“ Venom tries to warn the Avengers about the type of threat Knull poses, with Iron Man’s main takeaway being that Knull is on the same level as a Celestial.”

“ The Spider-Man/Venom Free Comic Book Day Special features this conversation between Venom and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, though the beginnings of the talk also appeared in Venom #25.”

I want to know how last years Venom fcbd fits in. It showed off a Venom/Carnage hybrid that never really came to fruition. It was supposed to tie in to Absolute Carnage but never did

That’s a good point. We can only speculate. I snagged a few copies of FCBD Spider-man/Venom. You never know these days with the Easter eggs they drop all other the place.

It could tie in if Virus is Price…