Venom #25 2nd Prints

Well, Marvel went back on their word and came up with some new 2nd prints. Venom 25 has two.

It’s amazing how much better that cover looks with a different color scheme

I might wait for the third print of the fourth print. It’ll have bigger letters!!!

Anyone have a “go to” they use for second prints? I noticed these aren’t on TFAW (which I usually go with). My local shop is great…but when it comes to any second/later prints…I have been left hanging many times despite requesting them. Whether they are shorted, forget, decide to keep it in the back…not sure.

Just noticed the DCBS did add both of these to their current preorders (and could just add to existing orders). All set!

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My comic shop, midtown, unknown comic books. Those places shipping charges are too bad if you’re buying one book.

TFAW isnt bad either, but if you order 3 or less books they ship them in a flat envelope which can be easily bent/damaged.

Golden Apple and Sanctum sometimes but will charge crazy shipping.

Yeah, I try to make sure my orders from TFAW are 5 or more books so they ship in a cardboard mailer and not the flimsy rigid mailers since they add no extra padding or cardboard. Of course most of the time they hold up but sometimes USPS delivery men go all Hulk on them…

Yeah, I ordered a few of the Venom #25 retail variants but they didn’t get them all in so they sent me one in that damn flat mailer and it go destroyed. I was refunded but probably won’t see my whole order. TFAW really should respect what they sell an use a Gemini type mailer.

WHat annoys me is not bing able to combine in stock issues with presales like other shops do…I’d order a lot more from them if they’d do that… it otherwise they shop (and charge) you separately.

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TFAW? When they changed the website design, they stopped charging people at time of pre-order and charge you when they’re in stock and are processed. Does suck it splits up the orders but I do like that I’m not paying for something until they know they’re shipping it to me.

Yes. TFAW. When they split everything up like that they send you floppy mailers and charge you what others charge for a Gemini mailer per each separate shipment. Double whammy.

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Yeah, I changed my orders from bi-weekly to monthly. Most of the time I just order reader books or books I intend to keep. But the few times books came damaged, they took care of me every single time.

I recently had an eBay customer have the post office deliver a Gemini mailer that was bent to hell. You just never know what the post office is gonna do with a box. Have had priority boxes smashed too. Luckily it isn’t often and hasn’t happened to any high price books. The Gemini mailer being ruined is the first time it’s happened since I started using them a year or so ago.

My LCS and a half-off back issues sale today, I was lucky enough to grab either the last or only Venom 25 2nd print wrap around cover. $6.00, I’m happy! I know Virus is meh now, but still I had to grab the first cover of Codex