Venom 26 1:50 announced

With a 1:50 added, you know print runs will be insane. My gut says to away from all covers of this book unless it’s for PC. The Inhyuk is the nicest cover so far, but it’ll compete with the Venom 25 2nd print and 1st overall app + cover will beat 1st full + cover IMO.

I was already guessing a surprise 1:50 would be added because of all the hype. So far, the books to get are the Venom 25 2nd print and the #26 1:50. Im sure there will be 2nd prints of #26 and 3rd prints of #25.


Should of figured

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There’s already a TON of store ariants…and now all those guys get a TON of the 1:50s…

The Comic Mint has the 1:50 up for $44.95. There are several store variants for the book and the 1:50’s will be plentiful. In fact, you can order without limit the 1:50 from TCM.

“future venom” isnt even confirmed to be in 26, so if you specing on virus the books to get are #25 cover A, 1:200 and of course the greg horn variant. as for 26 the print run has increase by over 20k just in store variants. dead spec.

Heh, they’ll happily order those 50 regular books to dump onto the market later… making it essentially worthless…

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They are doing an exclusive. 3,000 trade dress plus 1,000 Virgin is 4,000 variants. That’s 80 1:50 variants off the bat. At $34.99 that’s $2800 which goes a long way to pay for the variants (actually think they are doing 2 different variants so let’s bump that up to 160 1:50 variants.

Alright, whose gonna throw up some spoilers for Venom #26 since the retailer preview is out…?

Me ? Maybe…

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Post em

Ok i saw 3 pages

Well, no screen shots since it shows my Diamond account number. But I will tell you about the story:

  • the issue starts off with Eddie and the Venom symbiote chasing a guy who has the location of The Maker
  • Dylan and Eddie are being tracked by Virus
  • Dylan and Eddie find The Maker’s hideout
  • The Maker has bonded with the Ultimate Universe Venom symbiote (he looks like a creature from Alien)
  • Maker has a portal device to other universes
  • Virus shows up and fights Eddie/Venom
  • Maker gets sucked into the portal and ends up in the Ultimate Universe
  • Eddie and Dylan gets sucked into the portal and Virus goes after them.
  • Edie and Dylan both land up in a universe (or the future) that looks to be ruled by…“future Venom”…no appearance, just his chest symbol on a bunch of buildings.

Well…at least thus far nothing has completely ruled out the possibility that Wraith could be involved/a factor in all this.

Could Dylan be Future Venom? Also cool that ultimate Venom getting some new use.

Hehe… yeah, don’t post pictures. Let me work my magic, maybe I can get to some editing today…

Didn’t realize you posted this here monopoly. Just did one in the lounge.

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It’s all good.

I got images in the lounge… :slight_smile:

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