Venom 26 Covers

With so many covers available for Venom #26 I’m curious which people are planning on picking up. FWIW, I’ve picked up too many lol.

Which Venom #26 Cover are you looking forward to the most/planning to pick up?

  1. Stegman Cover A Main Cover (Marvel)
  2. ??? Cover B Wednesday Cover (Marvel)
  3. Bagely 1:50 Incentive (Marvel)
  4. Kael NGU ASM 300 Homage Trade/Virgin (Frankies)
  5. Skan TOS Homage (Sanctum)
  6. InHyuk Lee Mystery Villain (Comic Mint)
  7. Peach Momoko Knull (Comic Mint)
  8. Kirkham Virus Trade/Virgin (Unknown Comics)
  9. Kirkham Mystery Villain Trade/Virgin (Unknown Comics)
  10. Kirkham Virus B&W Ink Virgin (SLHLA)
  11. Philip Tan Mystery Villain Trade/Virgin (KRS)
  • Cover A Main Cover (Marvel)
  • Cover B Wednesday Cover (Marvel)
  • 1:50 Incentive Bagely (Marvel)
  • ASM 300 Homage Trade/Virgin (Frankies)
  • TOS Skan Homage (Sanctum)
  • InHyuk Lee Mystery Villain (Comic Mint)
  • Peach Momoko Knull (Comic Mint)
  • Kirkham Virus Trade/Virgin (Unknown Comics)
  • Kirkham Mystery Villain Trade/Virgin (Unknown Comics)
  • Kirkham Virus B&W Ink Virgin (SLHLA)
  • Philip Tan Mystery Villain Trade/Virgin (KRS)

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Hi @Devildog, I have that one listed as “ASM 300 Homage Trade/Virgin (Frankies)” on the poll.

FWIW, I ended up getting the trade dress version. I like it better than the virgin but I wanted the virgin too–then the sets sold out in minutes. Oh welp. Either way, it’s a hot cover for sure–in either trade or virgin!

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none, leaks for book are out, and for speculation you would be better off buying #25, if your specing on virus than the greg horn, cover A and 1:200 are 1000x times better spec than anything for #26

@DarkDominionComics Uggg…sorry about that…long day. Complete fail on my part lol.

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I can understand the Spec argument. I have the Venom #25 Covers (including Iron Lion’s Horn Cover) plus the 2nd Prints on order. But I’m not super amped on it being THE Virus book. After all, the cameo is a splash page with the character in the shadows. I’m much more interested in #26 for the 1st Full.

Regardless, I’m into #26’s covers more for the art (especially the Kirkham Virus covers). I’m not usually a fan of exclusives for spec purposes, but these covers were calling from a PC perspective, at the least.

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Don’t even sweat it. What matters is that Homage cover is getting mailed out to your house in July! :slight_smile:

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gotcha, if your just interested in them for pc i would highly recommend you wait 2-3 months when all the store exclusives are 50-75% off

I hear you. The problem is, many of these covers’ pre-sales seem to be sold out already. And I’m not certain if stores are holding any back for launch or will have extra copies. Oh well, I guess that’s the name of the game.

Ughh…I’m just trying to get as much of a Venom complete/master set as possible…So many freaking covers, ratios and re-prints c-onstantly- is making it very difficult…and very expensive. I think I may just keep this up until issue number thirty and call it a day for trying to chase every cover/print.

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Whoa. THAT would be a feat, for sure.
I feel like there are sooooo many keys already for Cate’s Venom Vol4.
That would be one hell of a pricey master run. Good luck, for sure!

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No kidding…Luckily I was able to get a lot of the keys either early on at good prices or flat out got lucky on a few, but man oh man. I’m probably kidding myself on a complete master set since there are soooo many freakin copies of issue #1 on its own, but I may get close-ish.

Yeah, I remember thinking “Venom #3 3rd print? Never gonna blow up” when it first came out. Thank god I know I’m more wrong than right and picked up a few copies anyway ;p

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Same, got the last of them right before everything blew up. Knull is primed now to do much more than comics in my opinion.

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