Venom #26 Inhyuk Lee

The ComicMint still has the trade dress available for $14.95.

These are selling for $25 (most with free shipping) on eBay… do people not know how to buy outside of eBay? :wink:

Oohhh…sneaky. But first cameo was Dark Days: The Casting,

Metal was the 2nd cameo.

Mwaaa haaa haaaa has haaa!

Heh… yeah. Dark Days Casting should be the real winner… best BOOK EVER! :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what’s awesome though? When BWL was at his peak and blowing up, Midtown had a huge sale and I picked up like 15 or so copies of The Casting #1 for like $1.50 each and was selling them between $6 and $10… those big 75% off type sales pay off from time to time.

I was on the fence about getting a copy. Poyo mentioning Comic Mint still had some with trade dress convinced me to at least snatch one.

That’s a shadow appearance in Casting you can’t even make out which one in BWL.

Sure you can… It’s pure awesomeness. It’s just like Doomsday’s cameo in Superman… :wink:

People asking crazy prices for signed copies and signed and remarked. Trade copies and virgin both chugging along on the bay.

Thinking I might take a 10 pack of trades and hope for a sellout and hopefully get $40 each for the trade covers like Venom #25 Horn. Got to pay for the PS5 hehe.

sellout ? Ha. Only on the website. Im sure the “retailers” will have plenty more stashed, since FOC hasnt passed yet.

3000trade 1000virgin it’s print run was advertised.

I think what Monopoly is trying to say is, what’s stopping a retailer from going back and ordering more? If it’s not past FOC yet, nothing is stopping them and if they do (the immoral and unethical shops), are they gonna update the advertised numbers they claim?

We can all just hope that retailers who make exclusives stop at their intended and posted advertised numbers but nothing is stopping them if they end up with a exclusive that are hot to go order more.

Look at Frankies, they went and bought more Momoko’s for TMNT Ronin… at least they updated it with dressing though (so it differs) but it still kind of puts a damper on those who thought the virgin covers were gonna be super exclusive.

Did it say ‘print run’ or ‘limited to’. Former is hard, latter is soft.

Most always say “limited”… The Comic Mint stated “limited”. Of course, it’s annoying when they sell out and just remove the page so it results in a 404. Luckily google caches pages… :slight_smile:

This offering will be limited to 3,000 trade dress and 1000 virgin copies available for purchase in total shared across all partner sites.

Mutant Beaver doesn’t even mention limits or print run… for the trade dress:

But does have “Limited 1000” for the virgin that’s sold out.

they use the word “limited” and not “print run” cause they could get sued otherwise if they lie, which alot of them do. marvel has a strict 3k minimum for first cover, 1k minimum for every other cover. so if you see a store claim “limited” to 600 there lying to you


The fact that these shops use such meaningless phrases to promote/sell these variants would be my first hint to not to trust them. To each their own.

You get cheaper shipping from Mutant Beaver than I do JcLu, should definitely be a tool in you’re arsenal. If not for store variants for ratios and regular covers.

I suggest we all chip in for a first cover first appearance store variant for CHU we all take a copy or two so we all have one to sell and then make a video in detail of burning the rest of the copies individually so everyone can see that only x amount exist and watch it go nuclear.

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This tactic isn’t limited to comic books though. “Exclusive” and “limited” are terms that are far and wide when it comes to the open market for collectibles.

Buy what you like with no regrets. Some might be buying cause they like the cover art or the book itself, not because they think it’s going to make them rich one day.

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