Venom #26 Inhyuk Lee

Thanks to @D-Rog for showing us this in one of the chats. Already starting to get some movement in presales, my self included purchased one. I don’t want to get up and don’t want to miss out and god forbid if I got up and missed out I would be threatening to sue artists.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I paid $54 free shipping, the set of the trade and virgin after conversion will be going for $45 usd + shipping on sale at 2pm EST at Mutant Beaver. I STRONGLY suggest you get this book trade or virgin. If Venom #25 Horn is this hot just wait. So if you missed out on the Horn #25 variant this is your chance to get in the game, if you got the Horn #25 variant this is your chance to make a really cool 1st cover new character set of two books. Donny Cates will make us :moneybag:

Why would I buy a store variant ? When the official, straight from Marvel, 2nd print of Venom #25 has him on the cover and is cheaper…both books come out on the same date too…

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Quick flip potential is the only reason I’d buy…

The virgin variant has seen a sold as high as $90 already. Seems most listings have the regular selling all on it’s own for about $25 average currently.

Check eBay current listings right here!

So yes, if you know you can get your hands on a set, that might be the way to go and flip it fast while FOMO has kicked in…

But it’s not a Peach cover…


It’s going matter because cameo vs first full. I sold 2 copies trade dressed Venom #25 Horn and it covered the Virgin for Venom #25 I got with the proceeds. So if you can get this set for $45 flip out the trade dress for $25 it’s a $20 virgin 1st full appearance.

Also I imagine the print run on the 2nd print of #25 will be higher than the print run of this store variant.

FOC for Venom 26 has passed yet. So dont be so sure…
Plus, store variant guys never reveal their print run.

I think it would be funny if we get a reverse of this variant like the X23 JeeHyung variants with this pose from the back and on a different book from the front view.



TT #12 over Metal #2 Mattina 2nd print

What the hell…I preordered off ebay. It’s worth the buy in & I like the cover/book/storyline to boot.

I still feel like it’s just Wraith (or an altered Wraith), but we will see.

For $25 bucks I’d rather have it vs. passing and regretting it.

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Still available at I ordered from The Comic Mint but then saw they’re selling out. Just an FYI

No virgins anywhere now, so it’s a sell out of at least 1000 copies. Keep an eye on the trade if it starts moving on eBay since they are still available maybe some more money to be made.

Really good movement today which is always strange to me the day the variant goes on sale why didn’t they just get it themselves

multiple stores have covers for 26 with future venom on it, also while virus is confirmed in 26 no one has confirmed future venom is. these are quick flip books only. #25 is the book.

My Likes and Dislikes ponders this… look for the article in about an hour, it’s scheduled for 7PM CDT on the main site. :wink:

Read the preview for #26 Venom Beyond begins here. For all we know that’s Venom Beyond on the cover. FCBD was suppose to be first Virus and that’s now postponed to be released on the same date as Venom #26, so Venom #25 will do very well too. That’s why I have both virgins and sold the rest to pay for em.

He does look eerily similar to Batman Beyond.

16x9.8 copies sold @ $190 + tax from this seller alone today. Sets of raw already in tripe digits too they were $45 6hrs ago