Venom #27 Momoko variant

For those who like Peach Momoko art, a seller on Ebay has Venom #27 for the same price you would have to pay at one of the online stores. It is $15 for the trade dress. Not too bad since most other re-sellers want around $25 plus. Shows over ten available but sometimes the price goes up as stock dwindles. Just though I would throw it out there for her fans or those who might want to spec on it. I bought one for the pc, that’s it.

Well there will be a better #27


Can’t even try to argue with that. That cover is fire laced with acid.

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Niiice! is that a store variant or regular cover?

Store variant from the normal group of stores that split their variants

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The first I have seen of it. Really nice cover but I have to admit I am getting a little burnt out on Venom store covers. Been getting a lot of them and the ratio variants the past year. I do have a very nice Venom collection but just running out of steam to be a completionist. It’s kinda like chasing a hydra cutting a head off when I fill a hole only to have two new issues pop up that I need. Never ends.

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Yes, cover A for $3.99, no shipping fees.


Does Knull get a hold of the Infinity Gauntlet in the story? If not, I’m gonna say this won’t be the best cover for Venom #27… art is top notch, but staying relevant to the story is a big :heavy_plus_sign: to me.

All I can say is the infinity gauntlet is now like the village bicycle…everyone’s had a ride!

Just went on sale I got one

And sold out on the set now

Mutant beaver still has the ss remark virgin cgc available for $220 if anyone wants to take a gamble

Lmao…the stores ad reads ‘paying homage to our Venom #7 store variant’…lmfao…they are swiping their own variant that was done only 1 year ago. Out of ideas yet, fellas? :joy::joy:

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I got the trade dress cover. Even though the gauntlet is played out, I’m working on gauntlet covers. Not every gauntlet, but all the crain covers for sure. And this is an homage to crain. So might as well for $20

Whole book sold out now… sold 5 trade dresses was hoping to flip and buy more for a week or two but that’s ok got my set for free and $25 profit plus the original money all back with the 5 sold trade dressed copies.

And if you didn’t dump your 20 x Thor #5 from your cart at Midtown… you could have turned $75 into $800… just say’in! :wink:


I’m with you. Love the art but I prefer my store variants to be somewhat related to the story. I get the draw with this one though.

5500 copies out there (4000/1500). That’s huge! There are ongoing series that don’t see that big a print run every month! I think FOMO totally set in when idiots started paying double cover and a few places sold out. Then likely a few speculators bought the stores out. Amorphous Ink still had Raw copies available this afternoon.

I think people saw infinity gauntlet and are taking a gamble he’ll wield it this winter as part of the story, and they’ll make money as “first Knull with the gauntlet!” But in reality that would be one lame Unoriginal over played story. So i don’t see it happening. So it’s one of many “guantlet-ized” Character covers out there.

To each their own, but this will be back to regular “store price” in a few months if you have to have it…just wait it out. Same goes for just about all the Momoko covers except some of the most popular early ones like Ghost Spider 2.