Venom 27 Stegman TFAW

I wouldnt jump to that conclusion just yet. TFAW got shorted and one shop…need to know this is a systemic problem. I saw a STACK of them on the rack at Black Cape Comics in Maine’s last week while I was on vacation. They ordered heavy for a small shop.

Looks like they have it for $5.99 now. I believe they do not mark up books for the first week of release. I had a little conversation with them and they were also raving about how they pride themselves on how well they package their books they ship out. They seemed like nice guys. Very friendly and talkative.

And they have a $5 coupon as well if you sign up for their newsletter.

Not pushing them…just letting you know what I know and giving people options that got hosed on this book.


I get some shops have issues. But I ordered copies from other places and they had no issues getting them to me. It’s like how I got screwed out of a bunch of Legend issues from multiple shops. Seems like a lot of ‘problems’ today with shipments.

Thats crazy. They never cancelled my orders. They just mailed all 6 copies of the Venom 25 3rd print 1:25 variant that I ordered.

Thanks for the link. I ordered a few things. I had a problem with TFAW last month with the Thor #2 3rd print. I ordered 5 and got only 1. They told me they received a lot of damaged comics. They were able to get another copy for me this week. The only problem I had was they never sent me a message to let me know what had happened. I had to send them a message to find out.

I had a very similar issue. I also received 8 damaged books from midtown and they continue to ghost me. Very frustrating.
I’m all for giving new and smaller shops business.


That would be very time consuming for a larger retailer to notify everyone that ordered. I just check on Tuesdays or Wednesdays in my account to see what’s getting processed. You can also calculate the next shipment. It’s a really nice feature. I do love how they lump pre-orders together into bigger shipments. Every order at Midtown is a new shipping label and cost… This is one of the perks I love about TFAW now.

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TFAW did send me a message later on explaining to me what had happened later on. They were able to find a few more copies of the comic that I ordered that got damaged from Diamond. I ordered 5 and got 4, I am happy. I got my last order from Midtown and half of the comics where damaged. Never again from Midtown. About 75% of my orders from them got damaged during shipping.

They don’t know how to pack the comics for shipping. Oversized bags and lack of using packing boards to protect the comics are the main problem. I had to pay to send back the damaged comics for a full refund or they offered a 25% refund. The comics had major damage.

Really? Damn it’s crazy how we all order from the same places and have vastly different experiences. Midtown ordered from at least 20+ since pandemic no messed up books nothing. Slow as shit and I live in NY. TFAW books in mailer’s no issues. Shorted some copies bit that’s because they were shorted etc. Books still arrived fine. I’m happy wherever I’m ordering from I’ve had no issues yet

Maybe it was just me. I usually made orders between 20 to 60 comics. I purchased a lot from them during the pandemic when they had the big sale. If they used bubble wrap it wasn’t that bad. Maybe a few got damaged. But if they used the brown paper to insulated the comics it was much worse. The less comics order the better, only if they used bubble wrap. I have not had any problems with damaged comics during shipping from TFAW. Keeping my fingers crossed. Mycomicshop does know how to ship large orders of comics from my experience.

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See that is weird. I hear that from plenty of people but I have never had a damaged order from Midtown and I have had dozens of orders over the last 3 years or so

Same here. However, I can only imagine the massive amounts of orders they ship on a monthly basis. Law of averages I guess.
I used to work for the postal service and at the time they delivered almost a BILLION mail pieces successfully every single day. However, try telling that to the customer whose letter is lost or damaged. They are not impressed with the 99.9999999999999% success rate. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: