Venom 27 Stegman TFAW

Anyone else have this not get shipped and then have them cancel the order? I had added 4 for pre order WAY before FOC… So now i get zero

You talking about the cover price Stegman variant for #27?

Yes, my one copy was still a pre-order last night, but now it’s gone. They did this with the Venom #25 2nd printing (wraparound) - I had 5 on pre-order, but didn’t get any.

I was just about to make this same post.

I had 3 on preorder before FOC and just got the cancel email too.

I got the A cover as scheduled.

I’ve never had this happen before. When they have damages or get shorted, it stays on my preorder list and I get them 1-3 weeks later in a later shipping.

Never had them cancel like this before.

I only ordered the regular, which I pre-ordered 2 of them and they shipped 2 of them. Does it still show them in your pre-orders though? I had some of the Peach Momoko’s not get shipped on release but now they’re sending me the rest… the only thing I can think of is they got damaged books and couldn’t replace them.

Ah so they’re just out right canceled. Maybe they got shorted or damaged books and there’s no replacements available now.

Yes. Outright canceled. Got the email today.

Usually they at least send everyone one. But I got 0 of my 3.

I did get all the cover A I ordered.

I got the same email, 4 cancelled and they were ordered a long time ago. That is very concerning.

Had all 5 of mine cancelled as well. Glad I did another order of 5 elsewhere too.

They cancelled mine too

Just to add to it…yep…cancelled also. It was ordered long ago like everyone else.

Right. The one with the face and the tongue

Tfaw fuccin up!! Glad I ordered elsewhere I’ve been seeing you guys complaining more and more about them. So far unknowncomics been good to me. Just ordered my books wrong(various release dates) so waiting is a ■■■■■ but now I learned better.

Well, have to give them the benefit of the doubt. If they weren’t actually sent the Stegman variants (seems the cancellation was due to distributor not sending them from what was shared with me), that’s not on them but the distributor at fault here. Retailers can’t be blamed entirely if the product never reaches them.

I don’t see why they would lie about the Stegman while fulfilling the Cover A’s… seems if they wanted to hold back copies, they would have held back Cover A’s instead…

Asked them what happened and was told that their distributor was unable to replace their damaged books so they had to cancel.

I can’t tell you how much better service I’ve gotten from TFAW then Unknown. I do use both, but TFAW service is far superior.

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Oohh ok. I was under the impression that Tfaw yanked. Distributor issues cant fault them. But still unknown is solid to me so darn only been 3 months so I have been around as long as u guys.

“ Your pre-order for Venom #27 (Stegman Variant) (APR209049), which was scheduled to be released on 2020-08-12, has been cancelled. Our order of this item has been cancelled by our supplier, and we unfortunately are unable to obtain it at this time. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience. ”

I’m not one to defend any online shop, but, perhaps with this store, and this variant, maybe they got screwed on their order and may have received no cover B’s. I have seen at my LCS’ a few times over the years where they received cover As in substitute of the ordered cover Bs, in whole. So, they ordered 5 of each, but were then shipped 10 of copies of cover A only. :man_shrugging:

For what it is worth, I was suppose to receive a Stegman variant of Venom 27 at my LCS here in Vegas, but did not. I only received Cover A.

Sounds like that 27 stegman is going to be in high demand and low supply. Especially with all the speculators on this site not getting their inventory. Time to buy more.