Venom #28 Stegman Variant (the cover)

The store variants pay for themselves if you buy the right ones. I could show you my shop app orders that are unfulfilled you would trip like $2000+ worth of store variants but all that stuff is sold except the virgins I made from the flips. So really didn’t cost me anything but time and risk.

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Flipping and buying for PC are two wholly different things. And I don’t think you could make your claim, Alana, 6-8-12+ months ago.
Imo, there is a lot of new blood getting into the comic game, and my belief is that store variants are very attractive to new comic enthusiasts, as there was no such thing back in the 90s when the new blood used to buy comics. The stores advertising, and the use of the word ‘exclusive’ is appealing to the new blood, imo. I think there will be a lot of disappointed comic fans when those fans go to sell their store variants in 5-10-20 years. And before any experienced comic enthusiast jumps on me for saying they still buy store variants for their PC, I m not claiming that this is a blanket statement. It clearly is not.

I think the market for store exclusives got a big jump with the knull first cover debate. That Skan cover was still available months later when that debate started. And since then exclusives have become an in thing and the market for them (along with everything else) really climbed after that.

Agreed. That was my 1st variant. Bought it exactly 2 weeks before Jim comics mentioned it and then Key collector posted and Comic tom after. I was shocked like I bought that book for cheap. Didnt fully understand then at 1st. Did some research found everyone sharing the same peace of advice that not all books have a great returns. Depends on artist. Book itself etc.