Venom #28 Stegman Variant (the cover)

Per his instagram.

That’s the variant what’s the main cover?

No idea yet. He only posted this one on his instagram.

It’s probably gonna be a character from Venom #27 and they won’t release until after Wednesday.

I seen that I follow him. Was gopin u might have found it somewhere else.

Checchetto did this better in Venom 25.

There is a Sketch Variant that is up for order for this one as well

Must be a 1:100 at that price

I got this from TFAW today.

“ Your pre-order for Venom #27 (Stegman Variant) (APR209049), which was scheduled to be released on 2020-08-12, has been cancelled. Our order of this item has been cancelled by our supplier, and we unfortunately are unable to obtain it at this time. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience.”

You all see Frankie’s #28 cover? Goes on sale tomorrow at 2pm eastern.

And Big Time Collectibles:

Yeah because Diamond didn’t ship them to retailers because they staples the Big Time Collectibles covers your it and they scrapped it. They have to reprint. I think they may end up resoliciting them later

I think the Venom #27 variant that had the BTC Meyers cover stapled to it was the 1:100 Stegman sketch rather than the regular variant.

My fault, thats what I thought he was referring to

Cover A finally

Assuming that’s codex on the bottom not Knull. The trio behind venom is interesting.

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Yeah its Codex and it’s more than 3 it’s at least 8 or 9 agent Venoms on the cover

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I can confirm this, picked a 1:100 up for 40% off ratio at my LCS and lucked out with a double cover.

Hhmmmm I know store variants dont pertain to what’s inside but this another Knull cover for 28.

Store variants are the worst. Im surprised anyone buying them frequently has any money left to pay the bills.