Venom #28

Here’s the first of the store variants for Venom #28

Variant by Kael Ngu

FOC is this week for Venom 28. Cover should drop by end of the week I’m guessing. Only preorder 3 of A/B and have another A cover on my pulllist

If only there were infinity gems on that belt…


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Jonboy Myers store exclusive…

There is the non-store exclusive Ryan Stegman Sketch Variant that is up for order for this one as well

$80… at least with #27 we knew Codex was in it, that’s a lot to preorder something unseen and unknown for.

Sold out.

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This is back up for pre-order.

Is this the main cover for 28, or a variant?

Main cover

It’s back for preorder because people removed it from their carts after seeing the art and realized little chance for another first appearance in #28 after all the events of #27. I said it before I say it again $80 is a lot for a preorder variant unless you know it’s a SURE thing. The A cover is better because at least Codex is on it.

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It’s the main and is available for preorder On TFAW as well as the Stegman Sketch Variant showing in stock


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Agreed. Buying a blind overpriced cover with no art is risky. Cover A and B for this book for me.

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That’s not exactly the case here. It only went up on TFAW a few days ago (which was after 27 release) and the B cover art was already out. The 1:100 was always listed as the sketch of the B cover (same as 27 was).

It simply was TFAW does FOC a day early and probably had enough 28 orders to sell more 1:100s. They locked the 1:100 in people’s preorders Sunday night.

Now I do agree that I wouldn’t recommend dropping the ratio price on issue 28. Never a fan of sketch 1:100 either. New Art usually does better.

Unknown Comics

Wow that kirkham cover is cool