Venom #3 3rd print moving at lightning speed, outpacing the 1st print

I have two takes on this.
1; I dont know what the initial buy in for the cx variant was, but it resells for only $20 with it having a 1st of a popular new character. :thinking:
2; The 1st print is still seeing 2x the value of the 3rd print.

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I know I’m off topic of this post, but in the realm of “follow up printings”, the 2nd print I had one hell of a time getting a hold of was Daredevil #2 with the 1st cover appearance of Cole North. I can usually find just about anything, but it was an absolute ghost for me. I’ve had my eye on it for a few weeks and have gotten a couple but it was work and there can’t be many to begin with. I think people have finally caught on to it though as prices have jumped significantly on it in the last week when they do show up. If you can find it…grab it.

Buy low, sell high.

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#1 It’s comic xposure…no one should support their business or product…even on the secondary market ou of principle.

#2 It’s a “store” variant…only in rare cases do they even hold their original buy in value over time.

#3 It doesn’t have Knull on the cover…always bet on the first appearance when combined with first cover. Regardless of printing.

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yep, its rare for a store exclusive to heat up, but take the new agents of atlas #1 1st print comic odyssey mico variants, they were the only cover to have wave on it and book was also her 1st app. combine that with the great art and you have a winner.

p.s. comic xposure is the outhouse of comic community. never support them.


I think I have three of these it may be time to list one.

Btw, don’t expect to find too many in high grade. I just got my Silver Surfer Black 2nd print from MyComicShop yesterday…and even though it just came out a week ago a lot of the ink on the back cover rubbed onto the backing board…like most marvel comics these days do. It’s VF/NM at best.

I hate ordering new release marvel comics online because just about all of their comics end up this way these days due to poor quality ink they use. Other companies don’t seem to have this problem…not to the extent marvel does anyway…not even close.

I assume his venom issue will suffer the same fate after being in a bag and board for a year…

Probably not poor quality ink, they just box them up and ship them before the ink dries more than likely…

IThen why does the ink not rub off on the adjacent comics? Only the backing boards…and not the high quality full backs made by Gerber either. Those seem to be ok…never experienced any rubbing off on those.

90-95% of the rubbing I’ve seen has been on the regular backing boards. It’s a bit coincidental if you ask me. It’s like something in the board material is reacting with the ink…and it can happen at any time after putting them in th bag with the boards too…I have comics a few years old I put new boards in and it happened with those too. Not nearly as bad as new releases, though.

Maybe it’s the backing board drawing out the inks…

I know most backer boards have the slightly glossy side and I’ve seen colors from books come off on those over time. Maybe it’s something to bring up with the backer board company you use? Who do you use?

Im aware. I despise CX and associates. :smiling_imp:

I despise them so much I don’t even waste my breath saying their name.

When I walk past their booth at NYCC each year, I always think to myself how great it would be to just jump up on their table and take a nasty poo right there on their table. I guess I’ll wait when I no longer want to ever attend a NYCC event ever again in my life. :stuck_out_tongue:

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