Venom 31 King In Black Part 2

cover jus revealed by artist Coileban on IG.


Here’s a new variant for #29


Yeah I seen that on sale 2night 6pm ur in Frankie’s so I know ur looped in.

Found this 2nd print put up today too.

Beat me to it lol just seen it. Books not even out yet.

That Frankies is a good match (no pun intended) to their 28 cover. I’d assume they will do a similar for 30 to finish the arc.

Is that Brock with the flowing locks of hair?

He’s like Fabio. Sexy.


Gotta have them!!!

Im getting tired of Frankies covers for Venom. I like the one coming up for Detecive comics thoigh

Yep the peach one is nice but think you have to buy it in a set with a blank which is lame

Meh. I bought the xmen one so i would get a cooy when it went on sale

Im willing to gamble alittle This week.

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