Venom #31 Stegman Var

Do you think Venom 31 Stegman looks good? I can’t decide if this will be a good one to spec on… I sort of don’t like it but KNULL, ya know?

Hmmm…not his best for sure. Meh I would say. 31 is marginal imo.

Venom #29 homage/cover swipe


I’m in the buy 1-2 copies at most of all of Venom stage currently.

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Same…cuz you never know

Yeah I tend to agree. Have two on order at DCBS. I’ll stop there

I’m not in love with it…

The jaw looks weirdly off. I’m gonna skip it because it just seems ugly to me.

As usual the 1:100 version. Not a fan of these B&W “sketch” variants. I’d like to see rough lines pencil work not inked colorless versions

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I think it’s because he’s trying to make it look Venomish…