Venom 4 Spec

In light of the chu spoilers for Venom #3, it seems like #4a will be a decent bet. Tfaw is out already.

As it turns out, both of these will be false.


I think if he wears the suit and announces his moniker, then 4 could be something.

It’s a no brainer to reserve a few copies just in case. I prefer A over the 1:25 bec of the cover.


Absolutely right. The 3 jonboy is much better than the 4 jonboy imo. Plus both incentive’s numbers are jacked up due to the market destroying exclusives.

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Yep. Stores will still qualify for the incentives by printing/ordering their own exclusives, and so they won’t need to go nuts on cover A, which will keep the print run on that one more reasonable.

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Missed Venom 4a preorder so hopefully I can grab that at my LCS. Did preorder the Yardin cause I thought it looks rad.


Online stores and ebay still have them if you want multiples