Venom First Host #3

This is an easy one. Check the shelves because Venom First Host #3 is going for around $30. Not sure any are still out there, but if they are, grab them.

1st appearance of the Sleeper Symbiote is Venom #165.

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I think the Venom first host #3 is hot because of the first cover appearance on the second print.

I think it is also the issue where we first see Sleeper in the form that we now know him in. In Venom165, Sleeper is just a ‘blob’ of fresh symbiote spawn goop.

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So many symbiotes… I think these are just ending up as FOMO at best. Marvel could just whip up and create a new Symbiote with a new name with relative ease. They keep adding symbiotes, they’re gonna start drowning in them.

But like a good flipper… buy low, sell high! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think you are right. I didn’t get these online before they jumped in price so unless I find them at local comic shops at cover or close to it I will be passing. Not because of sour grapes for not getting any but I think the high price right now is because of FOMO. If they character stays in the spotlight for a while then who knows. Might be worth it, but right now just not so sure. So, for those who did grab some cheap keep one for the pc and sell the rest!!!

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Sleeper is the most original symbiote we have gotten since Carnage, imo. I remember liking, when I read 1st host, the skill set that Sleeper has.

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was Out and about today and hit a few shops up…notta.

I have been meaning to post this actually. Yes it is a $30 book. Have been meaning to check the LCS.

So when your mother shows people pictures of you when you were 6 months old do you say…
That’s not my first appearance I don’t look anything like that

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Of course not, I’m sure they have pictures of when he was a newborn that pre-dates when he was 6 months old… :smiley:

In some cases there’s live action video’s of the night people were created. MCP 3 comes to mind.

That doesn’t count unless there was some camera footage on the inside… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You know someone, somewhere is already working on the peniscam hoping to get it to market.

I can only imagine watching something like that would be like getting repeatedly poked in the eye with a penis… Yeah, no thanks!

Lol. That is a terrible analogy. How ugly does ones baby have to be in order for its guardians to not take a photo of said baby for the 1st 6 months of its life?


Why you gotta pick on Sloth? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why assume I was referring to Sloth, @agentpoyo? Chunk was no prize either. :rofl:

Have you seen Chunk nowadays? He turned out to be the best looking one of the bunch… except for that dreamy guy who plays Thanos now… :slight_smile:

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My kids first appearance is the ultrasound.

Or is that more like a “shadow” first appearance as it is sound image as opposed to a cameo/digital photo?

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