Venom Island/Thinking Out Loud/Spec

Since there has been talk and news about the whole “Venom Island” thing that has been teased. I couldn’t help but think about good ole “Dreadface”…the symbiote that also happened to arrive upon a tropical island to battle it out with the Fantastic Four.

So ASM #347 was from 5/91 and FF#360 was 1/92.

What if this just happened to somehow be the same tropical island, and what if an element of the symbiote from the Dreadface encounter also remained…just waiting for a chance. It bonded with a quite a few different heroes and even a gorilla (who is likely still chilling on the island).

Even if it was a different island…Carnage is after all of the “Codexes” and this Gorilla has one (poor Gorilla). Everyone just assumed the island in question is the island from ASM.

Just something I was thinking about while going through my varied symbiote related comics. Lots of what ifs…but the symbiote from that story has been long forgotten. You just never know!!!

Sorry DD I missed this one when you posted it. I think Fantastic Four #360 is a great pickup for the super cheap price. Good call. Locked and closed the duplicate topic.

Haha no worries. Some completely crazy off the wall spec on my part, but…Cates certainly loves to pull in obscure stuff.

Even if it amounts to nothing…it’s a cheap/dollar bin book that is kind of unique in that it is a non spidey symbiote related book. Decent story to boot!

This is the great thing about cheap specs, if they don’t pan out who cares. Very little lost. If they do pan out well, nothing like paying for a decent key with money you made on that cheapo book! I was putting together an order fro Mycomicshop so I just added a couple of the FF #360 to it. So, no additional shipping costs.

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He certainly does love pulling crazy shit, and throwing curve balls. This could be the curve ball. Cates likes to toy with spec guys.

Maybe cause he use to work at a comic shop…

If Dreadface is a possibility, then why not the Krobaa Symbiote?

Cates should team up with Rob Liefeld since they both used to work at a comic book store.

Funny thing is, Cates use to work at the store I visit the most frequently. :slight_smile:

Ha!..and Liefeld used to work at the store I went to when I first started collecting!

Maybe he can rewrite the original blob film as a symbiote with an insatiable hunger…frozen and waiting to be discovered in the artic.

Then in present times a kree ship accidentally releases the symbiote from its icy prison while collecting glacial ice in preparation for a deep space journey. The kree ship never makes it to its destination and crashes on an unknown planet where the symbiote consumes every living organism reaching incredible proportions…afterwhich it finds a celestial on the planet which proves to be its first successful host.

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I like it! Draw that up! We can likely get 4 or 5 printings out of it the way things are now.