Venom Lethal Protector #2

I watched a youtube video last week in which a theory was presented that the new character Virus is actually Ramshot, who 1st appeared as part of the Jury in Venom: LP2. The most compelling evidence had to do with the armor and placement of cables and shoulder pads. This is still a dollar bin book in many places, and if you’re buying in, you’ll probably want a newsstand copy since it’s more scarce.

Has anyone heard this theory before? What do you all think?


I can’t find the video but I made this quick graphic

Idk. Seems like a stretch.

I like the Lee Price theory better.

The emblem on his chest is very similar to Virus. Additionally Eddie ripped the symbiote out of Price in FCBD 2019…and Virus was set to debut in FCBD 2020.

It doesn’t explain the goblin stuff though.

Cates said he is a new character too.

There was more to the theory. Something about Ramshot and Virus both using the same type of weapon in their first encounters. I’m gonna dig through my watch history and find the video and post the link so you can get it from the source directly. The guy made a good case but either way, I love when spec takes a fun turn like this.

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Think there is already heat to that book a couple listings say Venom 2 movie 1st The Jury

Here’s the link:

It’s really hard for me to believe someone that displays a first Ghost and first Warmachine as their background look at my keys for their video😝

I didn’t catch where he said that. Hopefully that’s the case. Gives the character a little more gravitas and a better appearance then a retread.

Although the way it ended in 26 with the tease about what his real name is…it wouldn’t work as being a new character…unless maybe he had ties to a well known family like the Osborns maybe.

Not to mention only a 9.4. Ha