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I did all the flooring in my current house as well, done baseboards, I’ve even done roofs before. Also when the AC breaks, usually I fix it. I’ve also replaced the heater elements in my oven and central heat because I can’t bother paying someone $400 to replace a $20 part.

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I draw my line at roofs.
The danger is just too much for me. (Plus my cousin fell off doing a roof).

I fell off my garage roof playing with the cupola…free fall when the ladder went out from under me as I was transitioning to it.

fell on top of my ladder too…somehow I did not break any bones, did not hit my head or any other permanent damage. Got my first ambulance ride though.

My son was only a week old at the time…wife was not happy with me…

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I do most work on my house on my own. Over the years I feel confident with most anything particularly with all the content out there at one’s fingertips.

But the line I draw is if I screw something up and the house gets screwed - no problem
If I screw something up and I end up screwing myself physically - hellooooooooooo contractor


Still moving stuff in but we have actually shipped out a few books this week which made me happy! Felt great to get stuff moving again!

Only trying to move current orders in for now and then will move over the rest of the inventory. Lots more space than I had and it’s off to the east side of the property so nobody bothers me :wink:


All you need is a fridge and toilet and you could live there!

Omg it had a toilet but apparently a tornado destroyed everything and they never hooked it up again. I just changed it to a small storage closet. Would have been awesome!

You can always just step outdoors!


Is that a chicken coop I see out the window?

Yessir! Right behind the shop along the property line ;). Our neighbors have horses and show cows so it’s pretty cool to see the animals from my office.

Farm fresh eggs for breakfast!


Just following up to see how your new shop is coming along? Havent seen any updates on your site or here.


No judgement, but I know I’m still waiting on an order from April.

I have an order too…but I need to ask for a shipping quote, I think, to get it.

I asked for a shipping quote a few months ago and never received one.

Same. I asked a week or two ago. He did respond that he would get me my shipping quote but nothing yet. I have pending orders from last January.

hope all is well with @faele. Probably just been too busy. He seems to have disappeared from CHU after opening his store.

I contacted him on Instagram messenger - he said he has been traveling a lot for work. He did pack up a large box and sent it to me last week. I still have old stuff pending, but it looks like he’s shipping out in little batches.

You might have better luck reaching on Instagram like I did.

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Hey guys sorry I do pop on the site periodically to see whats going on, but my other job blew up…like, got a lot of business…so like Braainz said I have been traveling. I plan on taking next week off and am going to try to get the rest of the orders out. I have shipped about 65% of the outstanding orders since we moved, but I know I still owe some people some orders. The books are safely tucked away in the shop, just requires some manpower! I have sorted through 90% of them and so at this point its just getting shipping invoices out and packing them up.

I do apologize for the delay, but they will get to ya! :wink: